What Money Can’t Buy – essay


Otázka: What Money Can’t Buy

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Roman


How important is money in our lives and can we live without it? Everyone tries to do everything to have as many as possible. But can I buy everything with money? Just because someone has a lot of money doesn’t mean they’re happier than others. I have met ordinary people several times, who were certainly not happy just because of the money. It’s amazing to see the laughter of small children on their faces and one forgets about everyday worries and things that bother him. Their laughter calms and heals. Children’s love is something unreal. Family with children who are laughing and happy. And these beautiful moments can be experienced without money. Love, hugs and all the beautiful feelings one experiences are the greatest wealth we can’t buy with money. Love is something that allows us to be who we are, because without love we would be insensitive and ruthless, and it would certainly affect our behavior.

Another very important thing is health. Because we have only one health, and even if we can buy a better doctor or pay for some expensive surgery, it will never guarantee us that we will be healthy. The moment we get sick, no money will help us. When one loses money, one can live on, but when one loses one’s health one loses something vital.

He who has money has great power. It increases your self-confidence. He who has money thinks he is the master of the world. He can buy a car, a villa, a swimming pool, but are these people really happy? They are still trying to make as much money as possible, but they can’t buy health, and especially the ordinary joy of life.

We also can´t buy true friendships for money. A friend is not the one you get for money, but the one who always helps and advises. A real friend is relatively hard to find. Everyone gets into trouble from time to time. The right friend rushes to the rescue, cancels the plans he has and does everything he can to get the person out of trouble. Such a friendship is not about how much money you have. There are very few real friends. He is a person I can confide in, and he will always listen to me.

And even if I buy the best and most expensive bed for the money, it still doesn’t give me the best sleep. Buying a pile of books doesn’t mean I have all the knowledge. Therefore, money is certainly very important, but it does not mean everything. Definitely a person who has them has an easier and more comfortable life. It has more opportunities for better education, more comfortable living, travel, and some even easier choice of partner. But money does not guarantee maximum satisfaction and fulfillment. On the contrary, they often lead to loneliness and emptiness. Thanks to which one often becomes addicted not only to drugs and alcohol.

People should not forget the most important things and values ​​that we do not buy with money. Trust, health, experiences, love, friendship, respect and, last but not least, time, reputation, a sense of humor, and it is essential and very valuable for a person.

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