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 Otázka: Who influences us?

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We live in the World where decision making has becom a big part of our daily routines. Therefore, there are many factors that influence our consumer choices.

To begin with, one of the main factor that controls our choices might be the influence of famous celebrities. Celebrities are often payed to promote a certain product which we are supposed to buy afterwards.  Not only celebritis often promote products that they might not  find good themselves, but also  this proces of promotion force us to waste money on unneeded items such as expensive clothes and accesories.

Equally important factor that influences us might be the pressure of people that we are surrounded by. Our relatives and friends tend to have an important impact on us when it comes to decision making. The impact might be eithr positive or negative. Especially young people are mostly influenced by their friends. Young immature people  want to keep up with their friends because if they were different, they might get bullied. On the other hand, our family can have rather a positive impact on us. They can recommend us what to buy and what is just a waste of our money.

In my point of view celebrities influence us the most. Living in the world full of technology and social media allows them  to promote their products much more easilly. To sum up, our society needs to make sure that we stay aware and informed about the product we plan to spend our money on.


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