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Otázka: Wholesome food

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Speak about wholesome food and healthy life style

Healthy lifestyle

More and more people prefer a healthy life style. In order to remain healthy, people should eat a balanced diet. This means we should eat a variety of foods. We should avoid unhealthy foods, smoking and drinking alcohol. We have to eat slowly, take time to eat, eat more times a day in small amounts and eat at a nice set table. We have to watch the number of calories we consume, limit proteins and fats, cut down on cholesterol and reduce the amount of sodium in our diet. We should exercise regularly.  Jogging, swimming, walking, trekking or riding a bicycle must become a regular part of our daily life. We have to reduce stress in our lives and get enough sleep.  It´s fashionable nowadays to talk about diets, about positive thinking and doing yoga exercise etc. It is a current catering industry trend too.


Rules of the healthy diet

  • Vitamins are very important for us. You only need small amounts of vitamins but they are essential for good health. They are found in most foods: liver and sardines are an excellent source. Vitamin C is found in fruit and vegetables. We have to eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible. Preferably fresh, rather than tinned, stewed or boiled. Fruit is digested in a short time, about 20 – 30 minutes. They should be eaten half an hours before meals. As it goes through our digestive tract quickly, it gives us all its fresh nutrients immediately.
  • We have to drink a sufficient amount of water, freshly squeezed juices, herbal tea and mineral water. Milk and milk products are perfect, especially for children.
  • Minerals are very important for our health. In a mixed diet we get enough of the minerals we need.
  • Protein is important for healthy growth and body-building. Animal proteins can be found in meat, liver, fish, cheese and eggs. Plant proteins may be found in nuts, lentils, soya beans.
  • Fats are important for heat energy and health. We prefer plant oils in margarine, peanuts and olive oil. Animal fats are in cheese, meat and butter
  • Roughage helps digestion. It is found in cabbage, beans, celery, radishes, brown bread…
  • Carbohydrates are important energy foods. Starches are found in bread, rice and potatoes.
  • Sugars are found in anything sweet.
  • White sugar, white flour and salt should be avoided.  They should be replaced by brown sugar, whole grain flour and sea salt. Additionally chemicals such as preservatives, artificial colorants and flavourings should be avoided. Foods are healthier grilled or baked rather than fried!


Czech cuisine – healthy / unhealthy

Classical Czech cooking is considered unhealthy. It is too high in fat, there are too many floury and sweet dishes and we drink too much beer. In modern Czech cooking we eat more salads, more fish, we use more olive oil ….


Eating out healthy

There is a variety of restaurants which specialize in healthy cooking. E.g. the Country life restaurant chain, several Bio restaurants, vegetarian restaurants, fish restaurants with a choice of healthy dishes prepared with healthy cooking methods.

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