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Why do people steal?

I asked myself a question Why do people steal? I think it is good to talk about it because it is a problem of our society because when everybody steals, it is not good for our future. If we ignore it, theft will become a matter of course every day. People will steal things more than buy them. So I would like to focus on why they steal, where they steal and what they steal.


First I will talk about what the results of my research showed. In my survey I asked why do people steal? A lot of people answered that it’s mainly because people want things they don’t have the money for. The answer to my second question where do people steal was in stores.


My next question was what people steal? People think it’s the most often jewellery, food and money. The answer to the last question was quite clear. I asked how people would solve the problem of theft. Everyone answered that the penalties should be stricter.


Now let’s move on to what scientific research shows. Many of those who steal small things are not poor. Teenagers often steal things they don’t need, even though they have money with them. What leads them to this? Tension. Fear. Power. Some people feel such strong emotions when stealing. And the desire for excitement leads them to steal again and again. Tens of millions of people suffer from depression. And sometimes it manifests itself in shoplifting. Some young people steal to fit in with their peers. Others do it out of boredom. Professional thieves make a living from it. Whatever the reason, thieves steal things for several million dollars a day. And someone has to pay for it.


Shoplifting – Who pays for it? Shoplifting is very expensive, in many ways and for many people. How much do it cost traders? Petty theft will deprive traders around the world of many billions of dollars a year. Some experts think that in the United States it is more than 40 billion dollars. Tens of millions of people make petty thefts, young and old, rich and poor, and different races. How much does it cost customers? When people steal, product prices rise. So in some areas, the customer pays 300 dollars more per year. What price do thieves pay? In the past, it was common for a store manager to catch a thief by shouting him out. Today, it happens that the owners have the thief arrested even if it is his first offense.


A thief will have to enter a criminal record when he reports to university. It could be a problem if he wanted to work in a job such as medicine, dentistry or architecture. And some companies will not want to employ such a person. Petty thefts affect thinking and lead to a person trying to apologize for their actions. Theft is a violation of the law.


What happens when many people break the law? The power of the law is waning because people think it is possible to break it with impunity. This leads to a decline in morale. As we can see the answers in my research are very different from the research of scientists. In my opinion, it is important to take petty theft seriously because as research shows people it costs a lot of money which are mainly paid by people who have never stolen anything And finally, I would like to say that you should avoid stealing because it can affect your future.


Thank you for your attention and I hope you enjoyed my presentation.



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