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Jan Filip

William Shakespeare is probably the greatest dramatics of England.

He lived and worked in the 16th century in the period of the Renaissance.

  • William Shakespeare was born on 23 April 1564 at Stratford – upon – Avon.
  • His father John, was glovemaker.
  • His mother called Mary.
  • At the age of seven he started attending the local grammar school and was educated there.
  • At eighteen, he married Anne Hathaway. Anne was at eight years older.
  • They had three children together  Susanna and the twins Hamnet and Judith.
  • He lived in London. He was a member of a repertory group Lord Chamberlain´s Men.
  • In 1599 he bought the Globe theatre.
  • Many of Shakespeare’s greatest plays were acted there.
  • In 1613 the Globe theatre was destroyed by fire.
  • So Shakespeare went home.
  • His son Hamnet died when was him eleven and his two daughters lived in Stratford with his wife Anne.
  • He bought new house there. Here he spent with his family the last years of his life.
  • He died on 23 April 1616, and buried at Trinity Church in Stratford.
  • William Shakespeare wrotes 37 plays which are divided into tragedies, comedies, historical plays and poetry


Tragedies Comedies Historical plays Poetry
Romeo and Juliet The Taming of the Shrew Henry IV The Sonnets
Hamlet A Mindsummer Night´s Dream Julius Ceasar
Othello The Merchant of Venice Richard II, III
King Lear The Merry Wives of Windsor
Macbeath As You Like It
Anthony & Cleopatra Twelfth Night


William Shakespeare – Hamlet

This is also a tragedy.

Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark. His mother, a Queen, is a widow and marries Hamlet’s uncle Claudius.

However the ghost of dead king appears and tells him, that it was the Queen and Claudius who killed him.

He wants revenge.

Hamlet writes a theatre play based on this story.

But Claudius recognises that the play is about him and sends Hamlet to England to be killed.

Later Hamlet comes back to Denmark, Claudius is alarmed and wants to destroy Hamlet. Finally Hamlet kills the whole family and he is also killed.


It’s the tragedy about a honest, strong and responsible man who isn’t able to punish his father’s killer without a having a clear proof.

It’s about hesitation and sufference (utrpení).

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