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Winter, the worst season of the year

I think that the most favourite season among people is definitely summer, but many people are still in love with winter. So today I will describe you how I see winter and show you what you can hate about it like I hate too.

Let’s start with the weather. One good thing about winter is definitely snow. I love when it’s snowing outside, because it’s giving me a Christmas mood and it’s really lovely and romantic. Worse thing is when the temperature is below 0°C and you’re freezing even if you’re wearing a coat. Also, if you’re living in the Czech Republic, it might be terrible for you, because it’s really cold here and for most of the time there isn’t any snow during winter months.

Nature in winter isn’t interesting for me either. The flowers and trees are frozen and if the ground isn’t covered in snow, it looks like they are dead. If there isn’t any snow, everything is grey and boring.

Fortunately, you can do super entertaining activities, especially sports. The best thing you can do in winter is to go somewhere in the mountains with your family or friends and enjoy some activities where you need snow for doing them. You can go skiing, ice skating or sledge. But nowadays it can be really expensive.

The clothes are what I hate about winter the most. Mainly in January it’s bitterly cold outside. People must wear long pants, sometimes two of them, comfy sweaters or hoodies and really warm coats. They must have gloves and scarves too.

I think that winter should be much shorter, that would be the reason for me to accept it.


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