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Otázka: Work and Career

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Tereza V.




I start with different types of jobs. We have:
Temporary job. x Permanent job
Part time job x Full time job
Mental job x Manual job



Interview is a important step in the course of job finding. If you do well in the interview, you will get the job; otherwise you may lose the job. Therefore the question is how to do well at a job interview.
First, you must be well informed. You must get some knowledge about the position you are applying for, because interviewers will ask you questions and you can answer them fluently and confidently. You should also find out what the products the company produces and read some books, because you will probably be asked some questions about the products of the company. You should know the latest news in the world too, because if the interviewers ask your opinions about one piece of the latest news, you can give them your opinions.
Next, good preparations are helpful. There are several preparations that you must to do in order to have a good interview. First, You must have a good sleep in the night before the interview day so that you will be in good condition. Second, you must be dressed properly, which will give the interviewers a good first image. Next, you must be sure to take a pen and notebook with you so that you could take down the main questions of the interviewers and the other important information. Finally, you must leave your home in time and arrive the interview place five minutes earlier before the scheduled time so that you won’t be late.



Covering letter is sent with CV. It is letter, which should force our employers to read our CV. Letter should be short, relevant, easy to read. It not should be too formal. Letter must confirm that I am applying for the position. I must say where I learned about position, why I want this position. I also should request an interview. Letter should be word-processed because hand-written letter could be unprofessional.



CV is summary of academic and professional life.  It concentrates on personal details in the way that presents you in the best possible light, education and work experience. CV should include everything that is important to my employment or career and nothing that is not important. CV must be:
clear, well-organised, easy to read, concise and relevant to the job offered.
There are usually 5 general headings of information:
First, Personal details like name, address, email and telephone number, age …
Second, Objective which is a headline that summarises the job you want
Third, Experiences
Fourth, details of secondary and university Education
Fifth, Personal interests-it’s means that I should show that I am a well-balanced  person
Our CV should be word-processed, because a hand written CV is unprofessional or some agencies and employers like to scan CV’s electronically and also it’s easier for us to update our CV later.
Our CV must have the correct format. It is best to limit CV to a maximum of 2 pages. Right paper size is A4 or Letter Size which is used in the United States.

When we write a CV our language should be simple and clear, we should use short sentences and don’t use technical vocabulary because we are not sure if the reader will understand it, also we must talk about facts not abstract ideas and use verbs in the active voice. It’s important to use “power words” which means use action verbs.

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