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Otázka: My region: Zlín

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Markéta



We live in the Zlín region, the eastern part of Czech Republic in Moravia. It is third smallest region in our country. It is made up of four Districts and every part has its own capital city – Vsetín, Kroměříž, Uherské Hradiště and Zlín, which is the also capital city of Zlín region. We can also find rivers here – Morava, Bečva and Olšava. There is a lot of forests in our region and it also has many fields.


Places of interest

The region has a variety of scenic beauty (malebné krásy), folk tradition, historical and architectural monuments (památky). Moravian Slovakia is a beautiful region with three natural areas protected (chráněné oblasti) by UNESCO. There are White Carpathian Mountains with the highest point Velka Javorina, with beautiful meadows (louky), small farms and pastures (pastviny). There is Palava and the Pavlovske Hills, the Chriby Hillls and many others. My favourite parts is…

In the valley (údolí) of the Moravia River we can find Great Moravian fortresses (Velkomoravské pevnosti), Cristian chapels (kaple) and churches (kostely), there is Velehrad Basilica and monastery with beautiful Baroque decorations, there are well-known archeological sites (naleziště) Pohansko, Mikulcice and Stare Mesto. There is Buchlov castle, the Buchlovice chateau (kaple).


Customs and traditions

Moravian Slovakia is known by its folk customs, dulcimer music (cimbál), colourful traditional costumes, dances, songs and winemaking.



The local cuisine is famous, the local drink slivovice brandy as well. Moravian kolaches (koláčky) are traditional pastry. They are usually baked on Easter and for christenings (křtiny) and weddings. In wealthier cottages (v bohatších chalupách), they were baked almost every Sunday.


Industry and agriculture

The Zlín Region is well-known for its advanced industries (vyspělé průmyslové odvětví) with a long tradition in engineering, production of tyres (pneumatiky) and other rubber-based products (pryžové výrobky), plastics, leather products as well as steel industry (ocelářský průmysl), and leather and chemical processing (Barum Continental, which produce tyres all over the world).


Culture and sport

The city of Zlín organizes every year the International Festival of Films for Children and Youth. The town Uherske Hradiste organizes every year the Summer Film School. There are many popular folklore festivals such as the Ride of the Kings in Vlčnov, the Summer of Kunovice. Motor racing fans will certainly know the Barum Czech Rally Zlín, which has recently been awarded Europe’s highest coefficient.



There is a Golden Apple shopping center in the city of Zlín. Here are a lot of shops that offer textiles, food, drugstores, furniture, etc. There is also a Golden Apple cinema and fast food. Another large shopping center is located in the neighboring town of Malenovice. Here you will find everything you need.



The region is known as a birthplace of Jan Amos Komensky, great Czech philosopher, writer and thinker, and founder of modern pedagogy. Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, the university professor, co-founder of the Czech Republic and its first president, was born in Hodonin. Painter and artist Joza Uprka was born and lived here.

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