Advantages and disadvantages of living in a city or village – otázka z angličtiny


Otázka: Living in a city or village

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Hanka






fresh air
nature walks
go to mushrooms and berries
coffee / tea in the garden
nature for windows
near the wood
able to grow vegetables, fruits and animals


commuting to work/school



utilities (heat supply, electricity and water)
city transport
network of shops
near the office
access to health care
very good access to either education, culture and entertainment


neighborly relations
too much noise, bustle, dirt and bad air. (Especially in big cities is really bad air.)

People are exposed to a higher number of stressful situations, higher crime rates and
worse environment. The growing number of cars in turn has resulted in
the traffic problems and parking problems.

Is not it sad life every day to spend in the city and not to enjoy nature?

According to me there is a village for people from a larger city and vice versa.
What we consider to be the pros and cons for them.


To sum up the advantages and disadvantages of living in a village, it is clear that in the
Although all easily accessible, but there is too much rush and bad air.
In contrast, although the village is poor accessibility, there is clean air and peace.
It follows that if you care about the availability of entertainment, work and education, then live in the city.
Plays a larger role for you pure air and proximity to nature? Live therefore the village.

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