American literature – maturitní otázka z angličtiny (4)

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Otázka: American literature

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): HubertusvonHohenlohe



In American Literatur is lot of interesting and famous books and writers. I´ve chosen two of them. The first author I´m going to talking about is Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway was born in 1899 in Chicago. He was the second child in family of six children. His home life was difficult because his mother was very strict. Bud he had very good relationship with his father. He loved the summer holidays, which he spent in father´s cabin, where his father taught him to hunt and fish. After high school he decided to leave USA and go to Italy, where he worked as an ambulance driver. After USA had entered in war, he wanted to become a soldier, but he was refused because of eyesight. In 1918 he was badly wounded in his leg and spent some time in one of the hospital in Italy. There he falled in love with one of nurse. After war he stayed in Europa. He lived in France in Paris. Here he met writers like Francis Scot t Fitzgerald, Gerthrude Stein or Ezra Pound. These persons had an enormous influence on his development as a writer. One part of his life he lived in Cuba, but he had to leave Cuba after Castro´s Cuban revolution.
We can speak about four major books connected with Hemingway. His first major novel was The Sun also rises, the second book is The Farawell to arms, in this publication he describe his own experience from The First World War. In 1940 he published famous For Whom the Bell Tolls, based on his experience in Spanish civil war. His final major book is The Old man and the Sea. For this book he won a Nobel Prize in 1954. It was a big success, but in his personal life he was in troubles and in the end, he committed suicide like his father.
There are two more things I could say about Hemingway. He was a member of lost generation. And he was very good in writing short stories.


Mark Twain
Second author I´m going to talking about is Mark Twain. He was born in Missouri in 1835 and his true name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens. All his childhood he spent playing on the bank of river Mississippi. It was a very important for him. His life was always connected with river in some way.  He started work when he was 13. A few years later he worked as a journalist, writing short stories for his brother´s newspaper. But river was Twain´s passion and he became a steamboat captain. But he lost this job when the Civil War started.
Then he worked a miner. But he didn´t find gold and luck. So he stared write and he his star started to rise up. Things looked very good, but then he lost all his money, because of bad investments. After this he decided to travel round the world. On return he paid off all his debts. He and his wife moved in New York. But his wife became ill and she died in 1904. Twain died 6 years later.
Most important works are the stories about adventures of Hucklebery Fin and Tom Sayer.

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