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Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961)

He was american reporter, novelist, fisherman and hunter. He was born into the familly of small town doctor at Oak Park, Illinois, on July 21, 1899. He was active in sports and under the guidence of his father he became excellent hunter and fisherman. After hight school he began his writing career as a sports reporter for the Kansass city star. When the USA entred to the World War I. He was acapted as an ambulance driver with the Red Cross in Italy. Later He was wouned by the enemy fire and he spend several weeks in the hospital in Milano.

In 1923 he wrote his first work: Three short stories and Ten poems. In 1926 his reputation as novelist was finally established by the publication of The Sun also rises. In 1928 he returned to the USA, Florida where he worked on A farewell to Arms. Hemingway loved hunting and he many trips to the Africa where he found ideas for his next books The green hills of Africa (1935) and The Snows of Kilimanjaro (1936). At the beginning of the Spanish civil war in 1936, he went to the Spain to gather material for film The Spanish earth. After year he returned to Spain as war journalist. Out of his experience in the Spanis civil war he wrote his longest novel From whom the Bell Toolls (1940). The World War II. He serving again as war correspondent. When war ended he settled in Cuba where he lived until 1959. During these years he wrote his the most famous short novel The Old man and the Sea. Spends


The Old man and the Sea

The main character is a poor cuban fisherman Santiago. Normally he used to fishing with a small boy but they caught no fish for 40 days. So the boy’s mother ordered to boy to not go out to sea again. Santiago still went everyday to the sea and everyday he came back empty. After 84 days of bad luck, Santiago went out farther then usual and he hooks a giant marlin. Unfortunatly the sharks soon appeared and hit the fish. Santiago fought the sharks as best he could and killed some of them. But his fight was useless. By the timme he reached his home port, there was nothing left of the fishe but its skeleton.


Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849)

He was born in Boston as son of two actors. His parents died when he was just a little boy. He was taken by a rich familly of Richmond, the Allans but they never adopted him. He spent some time in England and then he returned to America and studied at the University of Virginia. After first year at university he had to leave university becauce he had not enought money. He was in debts because he was drinking and gambling. His career began with colection of poems Tamarlane and other poem (1827). He became sucessful literary criticis but he wanted be writer. He tried to write poetry: The Raven (1845). When he was 26 years old he married his 13 years old cousin Virginia but in 1842 she felt a ill with tuberculosis and she soon died. Edgar Allan Poe was crushed by Virginia’s death and he closed up before the world. In 1849 he died in horrible condition.

He invited new literary form: detectiv stories. He was also master of psychological stories.


He wrote:

  • The gold bug (1843)- a tale of buried treasure
  • The murders in the Rue Morgue (1841)
  • The mask of the Red death (1842)
  • The Pit and the pendulum (1842) – It’s short story about prisoner who was sentence to the death. He was put in the dark room and tied to low bad. He could move only his head and one hand to be able to eat some meat from a plate on the floor. All several days he watched a terrible pendulum that was swinging on the ceiling above him and moving down. But he didn’t capitulate and he rubbed his rope with meat and let the rats bite it. He was free but only for short time. The walls started move and he found that near a bed is the pit. The walls grew hot and driving him into the pit. In the last moment he was saved by the French army.
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