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Otázka: W. Shakespeare and The Elizabethan Theatre

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William Shakespeare

 The English poet and playwright

 Often described as the greatest writer in the English language

 Was born in Stratford-upon-Avon on 23 April 1564

 The eldest son of a glove maker and wool merchant

 Attended the local grammar school

 1582 he married Anne Hathaway (older) ,they had 3 children

 1588 he moved to London and joined a leading theatre company called the Chamberline´s Men

 Quickly established a reputation as a writer of plays ,appeared in his own dramas at the Globe theatre (daytime theatre)

 1611 returned to S-u-A and died there in 1616


The plays

 36 plays

 Are regulary staged all over the world

 Shakespeare´s language is very difficult to understand

 Writes in blank verse=unrhymed

 The comedies: The comedy of Errors, A midsummer night´s dream

 History plays: Richard ll. ,Henry V.

 Tragedies: Hamlet, Othello

 Romances: The merchant of Venice

 Poems : The Sonnets , Dark lady ->beautiful language


-comedies : cross-dressing -> mistaken identities 



-the prince of that name suspects that his dead father,king of Denmark

has been murdered by his uncle Claudius

-Claudius has become king and has married Hamlet´s mother

-the ghost of Hamlet´s father appears to him and tells him about the murder

-Hamlet must try to find proof of the murder

aporations = zjevení


The Elizabethan Theatre

 The elizabethan age was the period of rule Elizabeth l. of England (1558-1603)

 Important playwriters: Christopher Marlowe,Thomas Kyd,John Webster,Ben Jonson

 First purpose-built theatre appeared in 1576 ,named The Theatre

 It had still no roof

 Best seats were on the galleries

 The companies used minimum properties

 there were no women

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