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 Otázka: Application letter

 Jazyk: Angličtina

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Dear Sir or Madam


I am writing in response to your job offer concerning the post of a manager which I found in yours web sites

I bealive this postion fits my expectations of a prerfect job.

As far  as my qualification are concerned, I have been working for about a year as a manager at the young and prosperous company AO American, where I have  gained a lot of valuable professional experience . In addition to this, I consider myself as hard-working and career-orientated. And I love self-improvement and the professional growth. I know very well from my experience that the post of a manager requires these features.

I would be happy to come to an interview at your convenience any time that is convenient to you

I enclose  my references from my previous employers AO American.


I look forwar to hearing from you,

Yours faithfully,


Petr Novák

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