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The British Royal Family’s surname is Windsor. The Royal Family plays a big role in the lives of many British people, and is a major symbol of the British culture. A lot of people pay close and serious attention to the life and activity of the royals, and many take part in celebrating their birthdays, jubilees and wedding anniversaries. In fact, some people feel like the royal family is a part of their own family and that is why all of the royals have very informal public names – Princes Harry and Wills, Prince Charlie, Lady Di, who is unfortunately death.


Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21 April, 1926 in London, but her birthday is officially celebrated in Britain on 3rd Saturday of June.

She became the Queen on 6 February 1962 after her father King George VI died.

She lives in Buckingham palace with her husband HRH Prince Philip who she got married in 1947.

They have 3 sons (Charles, Andrew and Edward) and one daughter named Anne.

The Queen has 7 grandchildren.

The official title of Queen is Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Queen Elizabeth II is the United Kingdom’s Head of State.

She is queen of 16 former British colonies, including Australia, Canada and New Zealand; and head ofthe Commonwealth, a multinational body created after the dissolution (rozpuštění) of the British Empire.

She is a constitutional monarch, this means that although she is officially the head of the state, the country is actually run by the government, led by the Prime Minister


The general public (especially the younger generations) is very interested in the personal life and behaviour of the young Princes: Will’s on-off girlfriend Kate Middleton has had a lot of hassle from the press and Prince Harry has been photographed wearing a Nazi outfit at a fancy dress party, falling out of nightclubs blind drunk and smoking cannabis. Harry’s recent Iraq story also received a lot of attention (he was determined to go out there with his fellow soldiers and fight, but it was too dangerous for the young Prince and many people feared he would be kidnapped, so he was not allowed to fight in Iraq).

Much speculation surrounds Prince William and whether he will choose to become King or not. By the looks of it this is highly unlikely, as Will seems to want to follow a different path. Both Princes have started to come to terms with the fact that it would be a good idea to carry on with the work that their mother has started. Prince William, in my opinion, treats this mission with much more seriousness than his younger sibling.

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