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Otázka: Canada

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): patka130



Political system

– National symbol is 11-pointed maple leaf on the flag
– Canada is a part of British Commonwealth of Nations
– Capital city is Ottawa
– It is constitutional monarchy
– Head of state is The Queen of United Kingdom Elizabeth II.
– Parliament of two houses: Senate (104) and House of Commons (295)
– Head of government is Prime Minister



– Canada borders on the USA in the south and on the Arctic Ocean in the north
– It is the second largest country in the world
– It is divided into ten provinces (Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Québec,
Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia) and three territories (Northwest territory, Yukon
territory, Nunavut territory)
– The largest cities are Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver
– Canada has lots of lakes: Huron, Superior, Erie, Ontario, Great Bear Lake, Great Slave Lake, Lake Winnipeg
– There are rivers: Mackenzie and Saint Lawrence River
– The highest mountain is Logan Mountain of Rocky Mountains, the next are Mackenzie Mountains
– There are thirty national parks, for example Jasper National Park in Alberta
– The weather is mostly continental, with warm summers and cold winters
– Temperature can fall to minus 50°C in the north



– The first inhabitants were Vikings and Inuit
– 33 million inhabitants
– Ethnic groups: British origin, French origin, European origin, Inuit peoples and Indians
– Language: English and French



– Currency: Canadian dollar
– Agriculture: wheat, beef, cattle, barley, fishing
– Manufacturing: motor vehicles, food products, machinery, wood, petroleum
– Exported goods: motor vehicles, wood, wheat
– Imported goods: computers, electronic, scientific equipment


– beaver, moose, musk ox, wolverine, grey wolf, Canada Goose, snowy owl


Popular sport

– Ice-hockey, curling, figure skating



– The original inhabitants come to Canada from Asia
– The first Europeans are the Vikings
– Canada is rediscovered by the Italian John Cabot in 1497
– Cartier brought back the name for the country, which seems to mean “village”

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