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Every person on the world must have some money, which is spent on expenses for living. And, of course, the usual way to earn money is to have a job. There are many various professions and some are only for men, some only for women, some for the young and some for the elderly people. The entire economy could be divided into three spheres – primary, secondary and tertiary.


The primary sphere – The primary sphere means agriculture, fishing, hunting, wood cutting, mining and so on.

The secondary sphere – The secondary sphere means industry, there are many branches of industry (energetic, engineering, chemical, etc.)

The tertiary sphere – This means services to people. It includes shops, travel agencies, restaurants, museums and galleries, offices, banks, hospitals, schools, …


There can be another dividing, which is typical for UK and USA – white-collar workers and blue-collar workers. White-collar employees work in and office, usually behind a desk and PC and earn a salary. “White collar” comes from a fact, that many of these workers wear a white shirt with a tie. Blue-collar workers typically perform manual labour and earn an hourly wage. The name “blue collar” comes from the traditional blue uniforms of manual workers.

In the past we could also hear the term pink-collar worker, who is employed in a job that is traditionally considered to be women’s work.


Me and jobs

When I was a child I had never thought about my future career. Every boy wanted to be a dustman or an astronaut – so do I. Hardly any of those came true because children’s views of the world are too romantic.

Then I started to attend primary school and I was quite good at school; I liked all my school subjects. When I was about 12 years old I left primary school for the high school. During my studies I began to think about my future more seriously and so did my parents. It was not easy.

I’m interested in political sciences and law, so now I am preparing for the entrance exams to the university. I would really like to get to some law faculty, most of all probably to the Masaryk’s University in the Brno. I know that it is really hard even to get there and much more to graduate from it, but if I’ll work hard I think that in future it will return to me.

So I dream about working as a lawyer or just working in the judiciary. I expect that beginning is gonna be difficult, so for example 12-hour shifts and not so high salary. But when I gain some experiences I expect I get better work conditions. I hope that I’ll have a job which will make me happy and also earn a lot of money.


As for working from home I think it tempts us to be lazy, because you can wake up whenever you want, you can make a break whenever you want. Contrast to working at some office, you just have some working hours, you can’t make a break whenever you want.

Nowadays I haven’t got a part-time job during the school, because I haven’t got so much time, but in summer I worked in a metal-production factory in the Sucha Loz.
It was only to earn some money during holidays. After this experience I realized that
I can’t imagine to do the same work from 6 am to 2 pm whole life, it has to be just annoying stereotype.


Finding a job

Finding a job can be one of the most interesting but also stressful times of our lives. The idea of a job for life has become old-fashioned. Today you may try several jobs or have two or more careers in your lifetime.. Some professions require university diploma in certain specialization – like doctors, lawyers, vets, teachers and economists. For other jobs practical training is more important – like waiters, shop-assistants, bricklayers, plumbers or car mechanics.

When you know what kinds of jobs you would like, you need to prepare your diploma (university or secondary school) and your curriculum vitae and you can go to an employment agency, look for a jobs in the newspapers, search the internet, e-mail.

No matter how you find a job, the most important thing is to remember that it´s necessary to make a good impression. This is essential at the job interview. The most important is a clean, neat appearance, being on time and not leaving early, showing that you are open-minded and want to learn all you can and a smile and cheerful attitude isn’t bad either.



Compared with some periods from the history, the social-economic situation is remarkably better. However, there are some troubles. The most important one is unemployment –Usually it is because there is only a little need for your sort of qualification. Compared with the situation in the past, when to get workers was a problem, today it is the opposite – workers are not able to find a job.

In the Czech Republic, the areas with the highest number of unemployed people are the northern Bohemia and northern Moravia – there used to be a great number of professions in mining and metallurgy, but today there are not so many jobs as in the past. In the recent years, there is a trend to work in a foreign country for a couple of years to gain experience.

The problem of the recent years is also continually increasing the limits of the retirement age. Nowadays is the limit around 60 – 65 years, but I found out on the internet that I will have the retirement from the 72 years ! It is strange !

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