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People travel in order to reach places that are close or far away.

  • They travel for fun or necessity.
  • Travelling takes up more time than most of us imagine.
  • Everyday form of travelling ma by going shopping, to school or to work.
  • There are two ways of traveling
    • we can use our own means of transport
    • we can rely on the public services
      • Bus, train, plane, ferry…


Means od transport can be divided to :

  • By air – comfortable seats, very expensive, fast (but we have to go through the passport control, security check and our luggage has a limited weight), the flight can be postponed or cancelled.
  • By water – cheap, slow, we can have a lot of luggage, someone sea-sick (ferries, ocean liners, steamboats).
  • By land – the greatest variety of means of trasport.
    • Roads for cars, bicycles, buses and trolleybuses.
    • Rail vehicles created for public use – trains, trams and underground.
    • Cars and motorbikes are expensive a we have to pay for petrol that costs a lot of money as well.
    • For short or middle distances car is good choice, but there can get into a traffic jam.
    • A big advantage is that we can get everytime everywhere with a lot of luggage and comfort. However we have to have a valid driver’s licence and know traffic rules.


The most popular public means of transport are buses and trains. Buses have got better network of stations and they are cheaper, but trains are quicker, more comfortable and often have got better stations where is a departures and arrivals board, left luggage office, lockers, telephones, waiting hall, restaurant and so on.


When we are in the public transportation like the bus or train we can:

  • talk with fellow passengers
  • observe the landscape out of the window
  • eat some food
  • play card
  • sleep


Types of holidays in general + holiday activities

  • We can go on a sightseeing tour, where Tourists like to visit museums, open air museums, churches, castles and palaces, old town and other places of historical interest. And of course visiting local shops and markets
  • Beach holiday – People go to relax from work or school. They want to enjoy „lounging by the sea“. They sunbathe all day and swim in the sea and they dive.
  • Adventure active holiday – During this activity, you climb a lot of rocks or mountains, or a group of friends can go camping for the weekend. A lot of people go to the mountains to ski. Big disadvantage is that you risk injury
  • Educational holiday – Now many students go abroad to study languages ​​such as English, Spanish or German. The most popular company that mediates this is EF, where you are housed on campus. It works so that there is school in the morning and you have time for yourself in the afternoon. For example, you can go to a party with new friends or go shopping


Types of accommodation

  • People can choose from many different type of accommodation, where they want to live.
  • First type is a hotel, which can offer a room for two, three or four people. The room can be with a bathroom, a balcony or without it. In the hotel can be swimming pool, a sauna or garden with attractions for small children.
  • Second type of accommodation is a bungalow. It is a small house, which belongs to a hotel or a camp. In the bungalow there are a small kitchen, a bathroom, and bedroom.
  • We can also stay in bed and breakfasts. This of accommodation provides us with an own room with a bathroom and toilet and breakfasts.
  • Next type of accommodation is a tent. It is typical for camps in Croatia or in our country. I tis very small, but young people prefer this type to a hotel. We can cook ourselves or we can buy some ready meal


My favourite destination + my best or worst holiday

  • My best vacation was in 2021, when my family and I flew to Brazil. It was a sightseeing trip for two weeks and we managed to see three states.
  • The first stop was in Sao Paulo, the second stop was Rio de Janeiro, which I fell in love with and I definitely want to return there in the future.
  • We had our own guide who was very friendly and told us almost all the interesting things about Rio.
  • The last stop was in Argentina, where we had a bad experience with people, but in the end it was great in another part of town


Problems during travelling

  • The problem that can occur is that you catch a covid19 and you have to be locked up somewhere alone in a foreign country for 14 days.
  • Another problem that can occur is that it cancels your flight or you miss it.
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