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   Otázka: Rules for a healthy way of life, diseases

   Jazyk: Angličtina

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Health is the most important thing in our life. Everyone knows it, but when we are healthy, we usually don’t appreciate (ocenit) it. We realize it, when we or someone of our close relatives will fall ill. When a person is really ill, he finds out what great fortune (bohatství) it’s to be healthy.


The best way to stay fit and healthy is to lead (vest) a healthy lifestyle. I think that everyone should try to eat and live more healthy. We have only one body and we should take care of it.


We should practise some sport, sleep enough and eat healthy food with lots of vitamins, move in the fresh air, be in contact with nature.

We shouldn’t smoke or drink much alcohol and we should avoid (vyvarovat) stress and unhealthy environments.

Swimming, walking, dancing or regular exercising also keeps us fit.

It is also important to visit a dentist regularly- at least twice a year.

If we want to rest our health, we can also visit a spa.

Some people practice meditation to clear their mind.



In my opinion people should eat a balanced diet: That is a lot of vitamins, fruit, vegetables, dark bread instead of white.

We should use little salt and spices.

We should eat slowly and more times a day in small amounts.

We should avoid fat meat and high calorie food.

We shouldn´t eat smoked meat and sausages.

To drink at least2 litersa day is also important.

We should drink water of a good quality.

We shouldn´t drink alcohol.

We shouldn´t  drink coffee very often or other drinks with coffeine.


The right hygiene is also necessary for our health. It protects us from the bacteria and viruses. We should wash ourselves dailly, wash our hands before leaving the bathroom and before preparing or eating food.



There exist many dangerous illnesses in the world. The human body has a natural defence system against diseases. The prevention is very important because it´s better than a cure. During our lives we must go though many types of vaccination. For example children are vaccinated against such illnesses as tuberculosis, tetanus, polio (dětská obrna)  and later smallpox (neštovice).


We usually suffer from common diseases such as cold, the flu or tonsillitis (angina).


Every illness has different symptoms. For example, when we get the flue, we have a headache, muscle (svaly) ache, running nose, sore throat and a temperature  or fever.(Temperature is when we have 37 – 39 degrees of Celsia and fever when you have higher than 39 degrees of Celsia). We must sleep and sweat, drink hot herbal tee, take pills or drops and relax. We usually stay in bed one week.


Other common illnesses are:

  • a cold
  • an upset tummy and diarrhoea
  • toothache
  • a headache/migraine


Sometimes it is necessary to see a doctor.When we come to the ordination, the doctor asks about our problems, he examines (prohlížet) us, measures (měřit)  the temperature and the blood pressure and gives us a prescription. Then we go to the chemist´s to collect (vyzvednout) medicines. Some medicines are free of charge, others we have to pay.

In more serious cases we can be taken to hospital by an ambulance. More serious cases are such as heart attack and broken bones.


In today society many people suffer from civilization diseases, especially from cancer, heart attack, stroke (mrtvice) and AIDS.


Cancer can start in almost every part of the body- the lungs, the kidneys (ledviny), the stomach, the bones, the blood or even skin. No one really knows why it starts.


Many older people suffer from atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and rheumatism.


  • Nowadays it is very modern to be a vegetarian. It means not to eat any meat. Some vegetarians even don´t eat eggs, milk and diary products. In my opinion this is unhealthy. Especially children and old people need meat.
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