Tourism and holiday – otázka z angličtiny



Otázka: Tourism and holiday

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Liberth



We can travel on winter or summer holiday. Then we can travel in our country or abroad. Then we can choose where we want to accommodate, for example in a hotel, in a bungalow or in a tent.

In winter, people travel to the mountains. Some people prefer Czech mountains like Krkonoše or Jeseníky. Other people like traveling to the mountains to foreign countries.Many people are fond of Alps, where people do cross-country skiing or downhill skiing. Then people can relax in a pool or a whirlpool. People travel to the mountains on Christmas holiday or spring holiday.

In summer, people travel to the seaside, because in the Czech Republic isn’t sea, so people travel abroad. They travel to the seaside in Croatia, Italy, Spain or Greece. There they bath in the sea, sunbath (opalovat se) and relax. Then they can do some sport like tennis, roller skating or play beach volleyball. On the other hand some people travel to the lakes or dams in their countries to have fun and enjoy themselves(aby se zabavili).People also like walking or travelling in their country. But some people like me love mountains, so they travel there and they hike (chodit túry) in the mountains. People travel there on summer vacation.

Other type of tourism is journey to big cities. People travel there and they visit many tourist attractions, for example churches, museums, galleries or towers. They want to known new cultures and customs. Favourite destinations are Paris, Roma, Prague, Wien or London.

People can choose from many different type of accommodation, where they want to live. First type is a hotel, which can offer a room for two, three or four people. The room can be with a bathroom, a balcony or without it. In the hotel can be a swimming pool, a sauna or a garden with attractions for small children. Second type of accommodation is a bungalow. It is a small house, which belongs to a hotel or a camp. In the bungalow there are a small kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom. We cas also stay in bed and breakfasts. This of accommodation provides us with an own room with a bathroom and toilet and breakfasts. Next type of accommodation is  a tent(stan). It is typical for camps in Croatia or in our country. It is very small, but young people prefer this type to a hotel. We can cook ourselves(aurselvs) or we can buy some ready meal; for example: hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, mostly all the meal is unhealthy.

I love travelling. I prefer travelling to the seaside and I like travelling to the mountains too. To the mountains, I travel with my family. We live there in a small cottage . To the seaside, I travel with my friends and we take with us tents or we stay in bungalows.

Last year, I was in czech Krumlov, sailing the river Sázava. I was hiking in the mountains and enjoying nature.

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