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Dividing of jobs

Jobs are traditionally divided into two large categories: blue collar and white collar. Blue-collar jobs are generally the manual type such as factory work, mechanics, electricians, plumbers and so on. The white-collar jobs are the office jobs such as bank clerks, office workers, teachers, computer operators, doctors and so on. They are called blue and white collar because these colors of the shirts they usually wear in their jobs. Wearing a uniform is still required in some jobs such as police officers, soldiers, hotel doormen, doctors, and so on.


Regular hours, hierarchy in work place, qualification

Many jobs have regular hours. In Britain usually from 9 a:m to 5 p:m and it is called “nine to five” jobs, some require shift working. People can have full-time or part-time jobs. Part-time jobs have often students, pensioners and women in Western Europe, if they have children. It means that they work only 4 hours a day. Opposite there are full time jobs, where working hours is usually 8 or more hours a day.

There is usually a hierarchy in work place – at the top is employer called boss who is usually executive or manager. Below him are other supervisors and then the other employers. Most occupations require some sort of qualifications such as passing certain exam, being able to use certain equipment. And so on.


Working women

Today many women work than ever before. Having two salaries is necessary for most families nowadays. And it is becoming more common for women to be executives and have leading roles in the company. But I thing it is very hard for women to be a worker by day and mother by night. It is called balancing career. Unfortunately, in today’s economic hard times a lot of people don’t have jobs and can’t find the kind of work, which they studied. These people are unemployed and their numbers are growing.


My plans for the future

When you want to have good job at first you usually must study. Many people, who didn’t study any college or university have well paid job, but usually they don’t (it is exception). It is better to have some degree, because then you earn much more money than people, who don’t have it. I think the salary is very important nowadays and it is hard to decide what career to choose.

When I was a child I wanted to be a dustman, because I liked dust van and dust’s orange waists. Later on I discover that this job is not form me. Now I would like to be a doctor, because I want to take care about people and help them. I like chemistry, physics and biology, which are needed for it. I would like to study at Medical Faculty and then work with people. I thing good job should be well paid, not boring but interesting and useful. I would like to have a good supervisor and co-workers


When you apply for a job

When you want to get a job you must go for an interview. You dress smartly – it shows your respect to the interviewer. Make eye contact with the interweaver – it shows interests and sincerity, then show a sense of humor but don’t tell jokes, you laugh a something humorous the interviewer says.

You must come in time, it is very important. The interweaver will consider you many questions such as: Where and how long did you work? Where did you go to school? Can you speak any foreign languages? Can you work with a computer?

Of course when you apply for a job, first you must send your curriculum vitae with a cover letter, which tells about you, your qualifications and employment history. When the personnel department likes you CV, you will get a personal interview.


Retirement age, working people in the USA, workaholics

Men in the Czech Republic work till 62 years and women till 61 years. Then they can go to rent. In the English speaking countries it is earlier.

The employees have right to vacation. In the Czech Republic it is 20 days a year, in the USA 10 days.

Americans traditionally work hard for their wealth. They never seem to stop working. Some of them have two full-time jobs at the same time. They respect people who have become millionaires. They believe, that they can be rich too, when they will work hard. To start with nothing, work hard, and then to make a fortune – this is the American dream. They find it much harder to accept the idea of poor people who have no hope, no work to do, and who have to stay at the bottom. The trouble is that American industry is changing and many people are worried about losing their jobs. New industries create new jobs but don’t usually need to employ many people. Today more and more people are working in services.

Some people love their jobs and are work addicted and they have to still work. It is true, that their results are good and they earn more money and are successful, but at the other side they have no private life, no time for family, they can’t have a rest and then they are stressed, nervous and aggressive. When they want to stop to be, they should stop the brain to work all the time and began to do another activities.


Something about Doctor’s job

Doctor takes care about sick people. He helps them to be healthy. He works in a hospital or some medical center. He studies for a long time at Doctor’s University. He should be thorough and good at dealing with people. Doctors work long hours, they do overtime and work shifts. Doctor can be never tired because he has much responsibility at work. Doctors are wearing white uniforms with a stethoscope. They have high salaries, but it is good because they save our lives. Nurse help to the doctor and looks after the patients. She doesn’t have to have a university degree.

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