Keep yourself fit! Healthy lifestyle


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When a person is not in a shape or in a state of good health or another member of the family is ill, we lose our good humour. We are not happy any longer. Money will not cure a person with terminal illness. Health together with love is the most precious gift that people have. That´s why we shouldn´t gamble with it or tempt our fate needlessly.


What is health?

  • Is a state of harmony of our body and spirit, a state of physical and social prosperity
  • Nowadays good health is expected and accepted as a normal by most of people living in developed countries. It is result of: improved standards of prenatal and child care, hygiene, nutrition, preventive medicine, better educational methods and communication
  • Two types of health care facilities: private or state
  • The medical care in our country is basically free of charge


Being ill:

When we are ill, we can feel: rotten, shivery, with aching head, we are sweating, losing appetite, feeling sick, having temperature – all these are the symptoms of our illness, so then we should follow these advices:

  • Stay indoors, keep warm and keep away from the others
  • Have plenty of cool drinks
  • If we feel shivery over 38 degrees or aches or pains, we should take an aspirin every 4 hours
  • Rest in bed
  • Try to have three light meals a day, but we should not force ourselves to eat if we have to lose our appetite
  • If it is not better, then go to the GP (General Practitioner)


Types of doctor:

  • General practitioner (GP)
  • Paediatrician (child specialist)
  • Dentist (dental surgeon)
  • Optician
  • ENT
  • Surgeon


Illnesses and diseases:

Common children illnesses

  • Chicken pox, mumps, measles, scarlet fever, rubella, polio

Common curable infections

  • Bronchitis, influenza (flu), cold, tonsillitis, sore – throat

Serious diseases

  • Pneumonia, diabetes

Incurable/fatal diseases

  • AIDS, cancer, rheumatism

Civilisation diseases

  • Asthma, stress, allergies, headache

Prevention is better than cure – we should lead such a way of life to keep our mind and body in a perfect state and balance


Healthy way of life:

  • No smoking/alcohol/drugs
  • Balanced diet – not eat too much fat meat, sugar – but eat fish, white meat, eggs, seeds, fruit, vegetables
  • Eat 5 times a day and drink 2 – 3 litters of water
  • Outdoor activity – it keeps people strong, flexible, it avoids putting the weight on, and keeps the heart and vessels strong, best is swimming, skiing, cycling, dancing, walking
  • No stress – we have to avoid the stress = KILLER
  • Relaxation, not to be overworked, do meditation and LAUGHT
  • SPA
  • Personal hygiene – washing hand
  • Take regular routine checks – breast exam, blood pressure, heart rate test,…
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