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Jana Nečasová, G3A

The paper is thin, smooth material produced by compacting the fibres. The fibres are usually natural and cellulose-based. The most common material is a pulp made of wood (usually spruce)

Paper was invented in the 3rd millennium BC. N. L. In China, which was made of hemp, and then began to paper made from silk and linen rags. Paper was invented in China in 105 AD. In Europe came through the Arabs. In the Czech Republic, the paper mill began to appear in the 16th century (Zbraslav, Turnov, Frýdlant, Old Town of Prague).

The paper was inferior parchment, but it was much cheaper. Parament gradually disappeared



Hand-made paper was made from flax or cotton waste. Later, sawdust, straw and waste paper.

Production: The form consisted of two parts – the screen and removable frame – his height was governed by a layer of pulp and paper weight.

Modern paper production on the paper machine, which was invented by Mr. Fourdrinier

Material Production – pulp


The paper machine has three parts: wet, dry and press part


Kinds of paper

Coated paper

coated glossy or matte. Can I be in weights from 90 to 350 weight. Coated paper is therefore suitable for use publications, catalogues, magazines, posters, maps.


Offset paper

Wood-free is uncoated paper. Offset paper grammage 80. In home copier or printer. We use it for forms, school notebooks and textbooks, coloring books, blocks or catalogs and publications.


Cardboard and cartons

These papers can be coated on both sides glossy, matte, or only one side coated and smooth, that is used to print beautiful images. The other side is then not polished. We use them for printing postcards, booklets, and cut out the various puzzles or even for thicker envelopes bound brochures and catalogues. Used in weight from 220 to 400th

Cardboard are then papers from 400g. They are used for the formation of cartons and boxes.


Special papers

Graphic papers and cardboards Artistic printing. This is a manual (wood-free) There are a number of special types of paper of different colours and surfaces. (E.g., stamped or paint.


Evolution in print.

I think it’s 3D printing.

Why? Because 3D printing is the process of creating three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The object is formed by placing layers of material.

We can actually create what we want and then even to touch. It’s crazy but cool thing in the world press.

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