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2.Meansof transport, favourite destinations – why

3.Travellingabroad – recommend and describe some places or architectural wonders (5)

4.Present our country (not Prague, not spa towns) – Czechwonders(5)

5. Present your town where you were born or you live – (U 6, p. 108) and 3 sightseeings

6. Accomodation, describe situations at the reception desk * check in, check ouqproblems

7. Describe situations at the airport

8. Travelling and me


2.Means of transport, favourite destinations – why

People travel much more than they did in the past. Cars and planes have become faster, tickets are

cheaper, so more and more people can afford to travel. The most distant places of the world have become closer.Ways of travelling: on foot – it is the most cheapest and keep you fit

on bicycle – is good for shorter distances, quite fast, economical, environment-friendly, there

are a lot of cycling trails everywhere by bus, car. coach, train, plane, boat.

In cities – there are buses, trolleybuses, trams, taxis, city trains, underground. It is uncomfortable, crowded, wehave to change, wait at the traffic lights and traffic jam. If we travel by car, it is fast, comfortable, we have somespace for our luggage, we can stop where we want. But there are a lot of accidents, because of crowded roads,and traffic jam in towns, petrol is more and more expensive, exhausted fumess pollute the air and it is harmfulfor human health‘ We have to obey trafťtc rules, of course.Why do people travel? They go to their work, on business, on holiday, learn something new about othercountries, about their culture and habits, taste foreign cuisines, compare life at those countries with ours, learnforeign languages, meet new friends, have lot sof adventure, earn some money.We usually visit chateauxes, castles, fortresses, churches, other historical sightseeings and typicalheritage of country.Some people like visiting mountains, national parks, nature and architectural wonders, seasand oceans, deserts.Hitchhiking/thumb lifting is used by the young who do not need so much comfort, have no muchmoney, but it is risky a lot.We can see these young people on motorways, they thumb a lift or wait atlaybys/odpočívadlech for drivers who are willing to give them a lifi/ochotni je vzít.If we travel abroad, we should not provoke by our strange manner, wear expensive things, we shouldbeware of pickpockets, obey the rules of the country where we stay, avoid dark and strange places, we shouldhave medical insurance and vaccination is recommended.


3.Travelling abroad -r€commend and describe some places or architectural wonders (5)

Great Wallpf China Machu Picchu in Peru TajMahal in IndiaColosseum In Rome, ItalyNew Zealand for beautiful scenery ofactive volcanoes, caves, deep glacial lakes, amazing fiords, long sandybeaches, learn about Maoris‘ culture.

Stonehense tear Salisbury in England – for prehistoric megalitic complex of standing trilithons in circle, it usedto be as an observatory, a calendar, a place for ceremonies but who knows?

Alaska for river valleys, rugged/rozeklané mountains, deep forests, cold lakes‘ Alaska is the largest Americanstate, it was bought from Russians in 1867. It is rich in mineral resources. There was Gold Rush in lgthcentury,Jack London wrote a lot of stories about adventurous life of gold diggers and wildlife of Alaska.The Route 66 in the US that connects east and west“ It starts in Chicago and ends in Santa Monica in California,is almost 4,000 km long, runs through 8 states.

Canada – I would like to go by train from west to east, through 6 time zones, see the Arctic Ocean, the GreatLakes and the Rocky Mountains – bisons, rattle-snakes/chřestýš, mores/los‘ bears, taste pancakes with maplesyrup.

Australia- see Ayers Rock, called Uluru – the largest piece of rock, mysterious place for Aborigines, desertlandscape, baobab trees, rainforests, kangaroo, koala bear, emu, platfus.


4.Present our country (not Prague, not spa towns) – Czech wonders (5)

Hradec Kralove

The Pilsrimsee Church of Jan Nepomuk in ZelenaHoru – the star shaped,built by Santini in baroque style.

Villa Tusendhat in Brno – the functionalist sfyle with furniture by designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, 1928.

Villa is divided into 3 levels but gives the impression of lstorey building. The owners were Jews, They had to|eave Czechoslovakia in 1938 because ofpersecution by Nazis. I have read a book Skleněnýpokoj.

The Sumavg Mountains _ forest Boubin, moorlands/vřesoviště and swamps/močály

The Moravian Karst – underground caves decorated with stalactites and stalagmites/krápníky of different shapesand colours. You can use the boat floating through the cave labyrint.


5. Present your town where you were born or you live – (U 6, p. 108) and 3 sightseeings


6. Accomodation, describe situations at the reception desk – check in, check out, problems

Travellers or holidaymakers/rekreanti can Stay in bed and breakfasts, hotels‘ hostels, mountain coÚages.Guests check in at the reception, get key with the room number. They have to give personal data, show ID orpassport, fill in check-in form. A hotel porter helps them with their luggage, a chambermaid cleans their room.Both of them expect a tip. Hotels have single/double rooms/jedno-, dvojlůžkový, bathroom, toilet, TVset,telephone, fridge‘ There is also a restaurant with half or full board, a café, a night bar, ťttness centre, sauna withsunbeds, massage centre‘ swimming pool, tennis courts, sport grorrnds/hřiště‘ parking space‘ garage.


7. Describe situations at the airport

Ifyou travel by plane, you need to buy a plane ticket eíther at an airport or at a foavel agent’s in

advance. When you arrive at the airport, you can look at the departure board. It shows flight number, departuretimes (0804) and destinations.

At the check-in they weight your luggage, you can take about 20 kilos. If it is more, you may have to

pay excess baggage/poplatekzanadměmézavazaďlo. Sometimes your bags are y-rayed by security cameras.They check your plane ticket, give you a boarding card with seat number (a window seat or an isle seat/douličky).

Then you go thÍough passport control, they check your passport‘ sometimes you are given a body

search. After that you go to the departure lounge, there you can buy things in the duty free shops. About halfan hour before take-off, you go to a gate number. Finally you get on.

When you board the plane, you find your seat, put your hand luggage in the overhead locker above

your seat.If there is no delays, the plane moves towards the runway/odletová, příletovádráha and take off.Sometimes our flight may be cancelled due to bad weather.

The captain or cabin crew look after passengers, stewards and stewardem serves us some food and

drink. They may say: fasten your seat belts and put your seat in the upright position.

When the plane lands, you get off and walk through the terminal buiding and go to the baggage

reclaim. There you collect your luggage. After that you go through customs, if you have something to declare,you have to go through red, ifnothing you go through green.Finally you can hire a car ( for short period) or renta car (for long period).


8. Travelling and me (1 place)

I like travelling with a rucksack and a small tent

Go pack


Cycling trip

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