Global problems – maturitní otázka z angličtiny


Otázka: Global problems

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Monika Šimková




– GP are problems which includes and effects the entire/ hole world

– opposite of GP is local problem is related to small part/area „think globaly, act localy“

– It’s usually divided (rozděleno) with 3 linds of GP



A) Problems related to nature

-are natural disaster involving earth,wind,fire and water

– it cause catastropic events such as earthquakes, hurricanes,floods,tsunami

  • Earthquakes: the grounds shakes, buildings fall, roads are destroy and people died
  • Floods: when the volume of river water is too high
  • Tsunami: because of earthquakes very large waves devastation when they reach land


B)Problems related ti sources (zásoby,zdroje)

  • deforestation (kácení lesů), acid rain, the ozon hole, global warming, toxic polution,resorces(energy)
  • The ozon hole: ozonelager (vrstva) absorbs dangerous UV radiation, ozone lager is damaged by chemicals and domestic activities which cause ozone hole
  • Toxic pollution: we produce lots of waste in the home and toxic chemical from industrial processes.
  • Deforestation: tropical rain forests are being burnt and cut down because people need more land


C)Problem related to people

-famine (hladomor), wars, human rights, illnessis,childlabour,powerty (chudoba)

  • Powerty: is a worldwide (celosvětový) problem, usually affects countries in Africa with poor educational systém, pover resident (chudší obyvatelstvo)
  • Famine(hladomor): is a wide spread scarcity of food (rozšířený nedostatek), people don’t have enough food, countries is in war conflicts



Unicef- helps children

WHO- world health organization,deals with public health

GREENPEACE-it is ecological organization… interest in forestation,killing whale.

ADRA- human agency, helps in emergency situation as a tsunami,to provide food,water…



–  We shouldn’t buy plastic bag

  • We should recykle
  • We shouldn’t pollut enviroment
  • We should reuse
  • We should buy BIO product
  • We should save energy (switch off lights, safe water…)
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