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We are often told that the world is getting smaller. Nowadays it is described as a “global village,” because of increasingly efficient techniques of communication. Information can be shared across the world in a matter of seconds, and one of principal reasons for this is mass media. Mass media is the collective term for all different kinds of media that pass on information to the public – media like television, radio, newspapers and magazines, film and Internet.



Television was invented in 1927 and since this time television has been a powerful tool of communication. If you have a satellite dish, for example, you can watch American or British TV in Brno. Television plays a much more influential role in modern society than radio, and many of the images we see on television news come to define moments in modern history.


Newspapers and Magazines

Print media, such as newspapers and magazines, remain influential. Although more serious comment on world affairs can be found in broadsheet newspapers, tabloids tent to be more popular with the public. They often contain sensational stories about celebrities and minimal coverage of political events.

Magazines are more specialised – whether you are interested in music, cars, sport or gardening, there are probably several magazines devoted to your hobby. I don´t read magazines very often, because I prefer to read about things that interest me on the Internet.


The Internet

The relatively recent arrival of the Internet has already had a huge impact on the way we receive and send information. Simply by typing some keywords into a search engine, we can find information about almost anything in seconds. The Internet has some disadvantages, though – it is an unregulated medium, so it is not always easy to be sure that the information you access is correct.

Alongside the internet, e-mail has also revolutionised communication. An e-mail message from a computer in Brno can arrive on the other side of the world as soon as it is sent.


Chatting on the Net

In these days it is cool if you have for example facebook or twitter. In this social net, you can chat with your friend, you can share your photos and you can do,I think, everything.

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