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Basic information and geography

  • Chomutov is a statutory town in the Usti Region in the Chomutov district.
  • It is 22nd largest city in the Czech Republic (fifth in the region).
  • It is located 49 km southwest of the city Ústí nad Labem near the border with Germany.
  • It covers an area of 29 km2 and has a population of approximately 49,000.
  • Chomutov lies on the river Chomutovka, at the foot of the Ore Mountains.
  • The surface is mostly flat with some hills.



  • After 1989, heavy industry declined and the city’s environment improved significantly.
  • Chomutov is today based as a tourist destination.
  • Today near the city remain some mines with brown coal and power stations Tušimice and Prunéřov


Important places

There are historic monuments in the centre of the town:

  • Town hall
  • Town tower
  • 3 churches
  • Statue in the middle of the square



  • You can find a lot of schools and kindergartens in Chomutov. We can count 14 kindergartens, 9 primary schools (basic schools), a special school, a grammar secondary school, a technical secondary school, a medical secondary school and a Business Academy.


Public transport

  • In Chomutov is possible to travel by public transport around the town. You can use buses since 1995, trolley buses or travel by trains to other cities. There is 5 railway lines to Prague, Ústí nad Labem, Jirkov, Bärenstein and Cheb.


Entertainment and leisure time

There is many interesting places in the town.

  • For example people can visit cinema, where they can enjoy nice movies, theatre with interesting performances or a local museum, that is full of interesting exhibitions.
  • An important point of interest is the zoo. It is divided into three separate areas. There is a large Eurosafari, where you can go on a field trip by Safari Express, open-air museum Stará Ves, where there is a unique view of the life of our ancestors. The main one is, of course, the zoo itself. In the middle of a beautiful piece of nature you can see more than 160 species of animals.
  • A magnet for visitors coming to the city is The Alum Lake. It was formed by flooding mines in which alum and sulphur were exploited. In summer, Sandy beaches and grassy banks make your vacation as pleasant as possible. You can swim, sunbathe or hire a boat.
  • Sports fans definitely appreciate facilities like an athletic stadium, swimming pool or gyms. We have an ice hockey stadium and famous ice-hockey club – The Pirates.
  • Sometimes it is possible to enjoy music festivals too. Other event is Chomutov festival, which is an April cultural event and offers workshops, theatre or library.


Notable people

  • Jiří Žáček – poet, writer and translator
  • Petr Klíma – ice hockey player
  • Franz Josef von Gerstner – mathematician
  • Simona Kubová – swimmer
  • The mayor of the town is Marek Hrabáč since 2016. His office is in the town hall.


Tourist destinations near Chomutov

  • Žatec (brewery), Klášterec nad Ohří (mineral water), Hasištejn (ruin), Red castle, Klášterec (museum), Nechranice dam, Bezruč valley…
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