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Otázka: London

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Terka



Basic facts

London, the capital of England and the UK, is the world’s ninth-largest city and has a current population of about 8 million (about 12 per cent of Britain’s overall population live in London). Its history spans nearly 2,000 years, beginning with the arrival of the Romans soon after their invasion of Britain in AD43. London is situated on the banks of the river Thames, in southeast England.

London is made up of two (2) ancient cities which are now joined together and make up a region known as Greater London:

  • The City of London
  • The City of Westminster

33 units: the City of London (heart) + 33 borroughs.


The City of London

  • Known simply as ‚the City‘ which is the business and financial heart of the United Kingdom. It is also known as the Square Mile (2.59 sq km/1 sq mi). It was the original settlement (ancient Londinium).
  • built by Romans in 50 A.D (called Londonium), Romans built there very first bridge
  • nowadays – one of the most important financial and cultural capitals
  • cockney – the best known dialect of London (S-E)


The City of Westminster

  • where Parliament and most of the government offices are located. Also, Buckingham Palace, the official London residence of the Queen and the Royal family is located there too.


Places of interest

  • St. Paul´s Cathedral
    • the biggest cathedral in the world, Whispering gallery(famous curiosity)
    • many famous people are buried there(Nelson, Wren)


  • The Tower of London
    • used to be a prison, fortress, royal residence, execution place,
    • Crown Jewels, guarded by Beefeaters,legend of ravens(cut wings)


Other places of interest:

  • Buckingham palace
    • the seat of Royal family, 11 am – Changing of the Guards (spectacles)
  • Westminster Abbey
    • gothic, founded in the 11th century,  burial of the kings and famous people (Newton, Darwin, Dickens, Chaucer) + poet´s corner
  • The Houses of Parliament = Palace of Westminster
    • British parliament consists of the  House of Commons and House of Lords
    • the well- known clock tower with the bell called Big Ben (sir Benjamin Hall)
  • Tower Bridge
    • originally the only crossing over the river Thames, main symbol, it can open in the middle and let large ship to go through
  • Piccadilly Circus
    • fountain with the statue of Eros, huge advertising billboards, theatres, museums, shops
  • London Eye
    • the largest observatory wheel in the world, built to celebrate new millenium, it never stops, 30 minutes/one round), 15 m
  • Traffalgar Square
    • statue of Horatio Nelson, National Gallery, big celebrations but also strikes


London parks

  • Hyde Park – the biggest, the royal park, speaker´s corner
  • Kew Gardens
  • Kensington Gardens – Albert memorial
  • Greenwich Park, St. James´ Park
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