Cultural life – maturitní otázka


Otázka: Cultural life

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Watta



What is culture?

  • Everything creative, for example arts (music, painting, literature, knowledge, it’s something which needs to be improved
  • In prehistoric times people painting the walls with the fire – wall paintings
  • Places where we can attend cultural events:



  • The building where were new films project and many people are watching them for a admission (za vstupné) on a big screen
  • Cinema in Benešov even has a 3D technology (3 dimensions), it pulls you in film and it’s like a reality, but you need to wear special glasses with blue and red parts, usually made of plastic. It is completely smaller than cinemas in Prague and most of films comes to this cinema with a little delay, and the offer is limited – only 1 or 2 films.



  • About tickets you can:  book tickets in advance: you reserved your ticket, come to theatre and buy it use subscription: you paid before and can attend season ticken: you bought a ticket that allows you to visit more than one show
  • You need to wear formal clothes:  for man: tie, bowtie, shirt, suit, tuxedo (smoking), tailcoat (frak) for woman: dress, skirt, blouse, court shoes (lodicky)
  • How to visit a theatre:
    • come in, find a cloackroom (satna) and let your coats at cloackroom attendant (satnar)
    • use your ticket to go through guardians, find your seat:
  • Stalls (common seat)
  • Boxes (prestigious and not cheap, type of watching rooms)
  • Dress circle (lowest balcony)
  • Upper circle (highest balcony)
    • the ushrette will come (uvadecka) and the show can start
    • lights go out, curtains go up and overture starts (first part of show)
  • You can rent opera glasses (kukatko)
  • Other places in theatre:
    • orchestra pit (not available for visitors), where is orchestra located
    • stage (where the play is playing)
    • auditorium (where the people sitting)
    • curtain (piece of fabric which goes up at start and go down in the end)
    • subtitles (titulky)
  • Type of play: rehersal (non-official, just trying to play a show) perfornance (official)
  • Programme (piece of paper you can find at your seat or pick up before you get in), you can read out informations about the cast, stars, supporting roles, synopsis (shor summary of a plot), stage scenery designer, costume designer, conductor (person who leads an orchestra), premiere
  • During the show there are some intervals (breaks, pauses), when somethink really impressed you you can applause during play, in the end can be curtain calls (when you want to see stars again, you want encore = pridavek)


Kinds of theatre performances:

  • > comedy (Much ado for nothing)
  • > tragedy (Romeo and Juliet)
  • > opera (Don Giovanni)
  • > musical (Le Miserable)
  • > ballet (the Swan lake)
  • > puppet theatre (Spejbl and Hurvinek)
  • > pantomime
  • > Laterna magica – black theatre, czech unique thing, box with small hole, through which the light come in



  • What are the most important theatre builings in our country? National theatre, State opera, ABCD theatre
  • How often do you visit a theatre? Do you like all gernes? Not very often, but I like musicals. Cleopatra.
  • Are you a member of the Young Audience Club? Why, why not? No, because I don’t have time for it.
  • What was the best  performance you’ve seen? Rhapsony in blue, because I can’t remember any other.



  • You can dance on ball (for example promball, hunterman ball, fireman ball, fancy-dress ball)
  • In czech culture it’s typical to start with dancing lessons in 16 (sometimes in 14), learning walz, polka, tango, ča-ča, rumba, džajv and polite behaviour
  • I started my dancing lessons at 16 with the class, after that were extended dancing lessons, to which we can sign in only in pairs, nowadays I cant remeber a lot
  • You need to wear special clothes: dancing clothes, gloves, suit, for girls: dress


Concerts / Music festivals

  • Popular show of  one or many bands and singers
  • Open-air festival
  • Votvírák (multigerne)
  • Sázava Fest (in Svetlá nad Sázavou)
  • Pop, rock (my favourite, involved from rock’n’roll), folk, classical, jazz, rap, hip hop,…



  • Exhibitions = event where some art pieces are showed (arts, paintings, photos, sculptures)
  • Museums (history, nature, cars) – National museum (upper on Wenceslas square)
  • Street art – expression of style, often illegal
  • Galleries – National gallery in Prague, Louvre gallery in France, admitage in st. Peterburg, Art in Benešov, Prague



  • Fiction: novels,  non-fiction: truly authobiography, encyclopedias, dictionary, cooking book,
  • Genres: sci-fi, fantasy, crime
  • Libraries: low fee, borrow many books


Open air places – for example Konopište

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