Problems of our world – maturitní otázka z angličtiny



  Otázka: Problems of our world

  Jazyk: Angličtina

  Přidal(a): Niki




-one of the most serious problems is pollution:


1) Air pollution

-it’s caused by toxic substances which we emit to the air-> these toxic substances are made by factories, cars, exhaust fumes, thermal power stations and heating by different things

-it’s most dangerous kind of pollution

-it causes global warming, acid rains, ozone holes and smog


« Global warming

-causes that the climate gets warmer and it causes many problems

-it’s caused by greenhouse effect which is caused by harmful substances from factories

-factories emit these harmful substances into the atmosphere, then sun rays penetrate through the layer and reflect of the land, but the layer doesn’t allow them to escape and that’s why the Earth gets warmer

-getting warmer causes that the ice caps, glaciers and icebergs melt down and sea level is getting higher and it causes flooding

-seaside countries with low altitude like Netherland suffer from flooding and people have to build  barriers- for example Thames Flood Barrier in London

-but it causes also huge changes in climate, places with moderate climate slowly change to subtropical climate and it causes that animals have to migrate and plants will die


« Ozone holes

-ozone is a form of oxygen and it forms the layer around the Earth which protect us from UV radiation which causes cancer and blindness

-it’s caused by CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), gases which used to be in fridges, sprays and aerosols, but nowadays they are banned because they make ozone worse

-big problem with ozone holes is in Australia because Australian economy is based on mining industry and raw materials, but also on sheep and cattle breeding-> but these problem causes that a lot of sheep get blind

-there is a slip- slap- slop campaign in Australia (it means slip on a shirt, slap on a hat and slop on sun cream)


« Smog

-it’s also caused by factories and exhaust fumes and it isn’t friendly to the environment


2) Water pollution

-water is polluted by acid rains and also by factories because they drain harmful substances into the water and kill animals and plants living there and they also pollute sources of drinking water

-so we should build new sewage plants and of course we should stop causing of acid rains


3) Land pollution

-it’s caused by acid rains, fertilizers and waste, because people drop litter in the streets so we should get litter to dustbins-> the litter is imported by dust car to dump and the litter can be recycled there and we can use it again to some other purposes


-the second most serious problem is deforestation:


Tropical rain forests are sources of oxygen and they are called lungs of the Earth, but people cut them down because we need wood for paper producing, constructions, heating, furniture, and so on.

And people also need more land for agriculture, buildings, cities and roads-> so animals have to migrate or they die.

-big problem is also that a lot of animals are endangered species and they become extinct because people treat animals badly- they hunt animals for meat and fur, beat them and torture



-which protect animals: WWF- Word Wildlife Fund- their symbol is panda

RSPCA- The Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty on animals

– British organization, they ban hunting

-which protect whole environment: Green Peace- they put their lives into dangerous to protect it

Freedom for animals

Children of the Earth and Rainbow- in our country




-exists since the Middle Ages (fox example some attacks of a ruler or political personality)

-about 100 000 terrorist attacks happened in the last forty years (the most tragedy were the attack on WTD in Manhattan on September 11th in 2001)

-in recent time the terrorism began to being more serious mainly in Europe

-we can hear about many problems with IS units, which are for example terrorists attacks in big cities, executions of innocent hostages, blackmailing, and so on

-almost all states in Europe have tightened anti-terrorist measures

-it could leads to World War Three

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