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We live in an age where there is a big impact on the environment. We should realize that we are part of it.  We should protect and take care of our planet.


The problems are: acid rains, ozone hole, changes of climate, lack of energy,…

Air pollution is the biggest problem in large cities and areas where industry is concentrated. Emission means smoke, dust and car exhausting fumes. Substances contain in smoke cause major changes in the environment that can lead to climate changes.

The biggest polluter in the world in the USA. Even politicians as Geogre Bush didn´t want to admit that America contributes in great deal in damaging the ozone layer. The ozone layer is very important to protect us from the sun´s ultra-violet rays. In our atmosphere occure ozone hole with causes a big upraise cancer illness.

Our region is very pollutet, mainly because of factories in Trzyniec, Ostrava. The population of our region is likely to have cancer, diabetes or Alzheimer disease due to the pollution.


The next problem are Greenhouses gazes warm up the planet and there are many more weather disasters like floods.


I would like to also mention ACID RAINS which can be carries great distances in the atmosphere, not just between countries but also from continent to continent. Wherever it falls it can have a serious effect on soil, trees, buildings and water. It is thought that acid rains causes trees to grow slower or even to die.

A big problem is that water is polluted by waste of chemicals industries, heavy metals, acid rains, chemicals used in agriculture (fertilisers), by waste of ships and detergents.


We can our planet through separating the waste, which can be recycle. We shouldn´t burn any rubbish. We also can help our planet through using the public transport or bicycles rather than cars. Keeping and cultivating green areas and using natural products. We can built new hauses from eco-friendly materials. These houses are much cheaper than brick one. Today are very fashionable solar panels. Popular are also self cleaning septic tanks.


If we want to survive in the future, we should save water, energy… We should support products that do not contaminate our environment like  recyclable products.

We should be less wasteful with everything: paper, food, plastic, metal, glass. We should reduce, recycle, reuse things.


How can we solve the problem of air pollution?

First of all people should try to use other sources of energy, such as solar, water, geothermal or perhaps tidal energy.

Most of the energy we use today comes from coal, oil and gas. But these will not last for ever, and burning them is slowly destroying the atmosphere. We need to look for other ways to supply energy. We should less use cars.

Solar power is a way of using the sun’s energy to heat or to make electricity. We can also use wind power by building modern windmills that spin the wind. There are several types of water-power: river water in mountain areas can be used to generate hydroelectric power and we can also create electricity from sea water flowing in and out with tides.

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