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Otázka: My family

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Meruňka



My family

I live with my mother, father, sister and my grandmother in our family house in Hvozdná. The house itself has two flour, a cellar, a garden, and a garage. Our family is quite large, but only „nuclear family“ lives under one roof.


My father´s name is Antonín and he is fifty-five years old. My father has brown eyes and grey hair. He is slim and has round face.  He works as a worker. A lot of  people thing my father is amusing and friendly. He is keen on horses and planes. My father likes folk music. He likes brass bands, with all of the screeching trumpets and singers that sound like strangled cats. He likes American country, too. This songs are about:Texasis so beautiful city….. He grows a few plums tree on our garden.


My mother´s name is Bohumila and she is forty-eight years old. She works like a worker. She is very small – she is the same tall like me –  but we often have an arguments who is taller. Her hair are dark brown, but she often changes colour of her hair. My mum eyes are dark brown and she has got oval face. She is sensitive, kind, unselfish and quite reliable. She likes reading some romantic books. Most of all she likes riding on bike – it´s a very good relax for her. She likes listening the „oldies“ station on the radio. She likes all weepy ballads. She likes Karel Gott and songs of musicals and hits of 1970s.On our garden grows fresh vegetables.


I have one sister – her name is Martina and she is eighteen years old. I can say, she isn´t only my sister – she is my very good friend. We have our birthday in the same day. She is slim and average tall. She has got oval face and dark brown eyes. her hair, which is dark brown, hangs to her shoulder. She studies The Trades Academy in Zlin. My sister is very hardworking at school, because she gets ready to Graduation Exam this year. She is clever and intelligent so I thing it won´t problem for her. She is very friendly, optimist, sensitive, likable and unselfish. Sometimes she is closed and stubborn. We have a lot of altogether hobbies. We both like going to the disco, wearing the same style of clothes, swimming, riding a bike and etc. We both like listening the same style of music – she likes r´n´b. Her favourite singers are Beyonce, Gwen Stephanie, atc. I like her very much.


My grandmother is old woman, which old opinions on a present lifestyle, for example: make-up, boyfriends, clothes,…She always talk to mi some stories about her youth. She likes needlework and she taking care of our animals (rabbits and cats) She is very stubborn and bossy but optimistic. She likes listening Czech folk music.


I have my cousin Jane. She is thirty years old. She lives with her husband inPrague. She had married in June this year. She is very perfect girl. She is slim and tall, her eyes are brown and her hair are brown too. Her husband´s name is Aleš and he is twenty-five years old. He is very amusing boy. Aleš is for me and my sister someone like the best boy on the world. They both like travelling, going to parties, listening Czech music like MIG 21 or Monkey Business and doing sports.

My cousin (my mother´s sister´s sons) live inBrisbaneinAustraliafor five years. Lada is twenty-nine years old. He has very good figure – he is muscular. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He is very good looking. He is friendly, easy doing. My second cousin Oto is twenty- five years old. He is a photograph. He travels around allAustraliaandNew Zealand. He takes photos of animals and nature.


My best friend

My best friend´s name is Ivana Langerova. She isn´t my school-made, but we are the same age. She is nineteen years old too. She is an average tall and her face are round. She has got short straight fair hair and her eyes are light blue. In the summer she has some freckles on her nose. Her favourite clothes are blue jeans, sweater and T-shirt. She is quite frank. She always helps me, when I her help need. She is quite clever – she visited Economic lyceum at this school. Now she studiesMendlovaUniversityinBrno. It´s fun to be with her. We have nearly the same hobbies and sometimes the same opinion. We spent a lot of time together, but now we are altogether only two times on week. I can rely on her and she often gives me sound advice.



My family lives in a large family house with a big garden. The house itself has two floors, a cellar and a garage. In the cellar there are a fire-room, garage and washing-room. In the garden my mum and grandmother grow flowers and fresh vegetable. There are a lot of plums tree. These trees grow my dad, then he prepare slivovice. Right behind the house there is a rabbit hutches. In the garden there is a cottage. There are a big mess and we put bikes there.

The ground floor is floor of my family. There is my parent´s bedroom. There are one large bed, two little tables and two big wardrobes.

Opposite my parents´ bedroom is my sister´s bedroom. She has there a normal bed, three small wardrobes, table with chair, pink carpet and pink drapery.

Next my parents´ bedroom there is our living room. We spend our evenings here. We can either watch TV or listen to music, sitting on a sofa which is situated round the wall or on the armchairs. The walls are painted in beige and decorated with pictures. The whole floor is covered with brown carpet. There is a coffee table with vase and lamp. There are always some flowers in the vase. Next to the window is a bookcase with many books.

Next our living room there is kitchen. . It’s our mother’s kingdom. She cooks and prepares various delicious meals there. Our kitchen is quite large. We have there a fridge, freezer, oven and gas-stove, then brown cupboard and sink. In the corner of the room there is a square table with four chairs.

The first floor is my and my grandmother´s floor. I have a small bedroom there. I have a small bed, three small wardrobes, table and chair. On my bed I have five small pillows and two teddies. On wardrobes I there are my radio and my small flowers – cactus. I have there cosmetic and a small mirror.

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