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Education in the USA

  • Before children start go to school they go to kindergarten. Children in the USA start Grade School when they are six years old. When they are eleven, they go to Junior High School, and at the age of fourteen to Senior High School.
  • Education is different in each state. In most schools, the day starts with a flag ceremony. Schools have their own teams for American football, baseball, ice hockey and basketball. They have bands and drama groups, too. There are also the cheerleaders.
  • Pupils can leave school when they are sixteen, but most stay at school till they are eighteen. Then they go to university. Americans normally call it college. A lot of students study in cities hundreds of miles from their home. Students on universities live in campus.
  • Education is free up the age of eighteen. But there are also some private schools. College isn´t free.
  • When students leave school or university, they have a Graduation Day. Students receive their graduation certificates. At the end of High School there is a big dance. It is called the High School Prom.
  • The two oldest and most famous universities are Harvard and Yale. Harvard was founded in 1636 in Cambridge, in the state of Massachusetts. Yale is in New Haven in the state of Connecticut. Yale was founded in 1701.
  • The two universities are traditional rivals in rowing and American football. The Harvard-Yale Regatta for rowing is the oldest sport competition in the USA. The American football match is known as The Game.


Education in Britain

  • Children in Britain also go to kindergarten before school. Most children begin their primary education at the age of 5. From the age of 7 to 11 they attend junior schools. Then they go to secondary schools. Between ages 14 and 16 pupils study for their GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education). At the age of 16 pupils can leave school or stay for another two years and prepare for A-level. It is used as entrance qualifications for university.
  • There are separate education systems in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. There are two types of education facilities in the UK: state schools and public schools. State schools are free, but public schools are paid. Full time education is compulsory between the ages of 5 and 16.
  • The two oldest and most famous universities are Oxford and Cambridge. We don´t know exactly how old Oxford University is, but we know that there were students there in 1096. In 1209, after argument between the students and the townspeople in Oxford, some of students and professors went to Cambridge and started a new university there.
  • Both universities have colleges where students live and study. Oxford and Cambridge are traditional rivals in sport. The two most famous events are the Boat Race, which takes place on the River Thames, and the Varsity Match, which is a rugby match.
  • Eton College is the public school for boys between ages of 13 and 18. It was founded in 1440 in Eton, Berkshire, near Windsor.


The Czech Republic

  • In Czech Republic children start go to elementary school when they are 6 years old. Then at the age of 16 they go to secondary school. There are state schools, but also some private school, which are paid. A lot of universities are state, so they are free.
  • I go to Gymnasium Karla Sladkovskeho. My school day usually start at eight o´clock am and finish at two o´clock pm. My favourite subject is Math. I dislike History and PE.
  • When I leave school I will probably go to university, but I don´t know what I will do after that.

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