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As above, so below (2014)

As above, so below is horror movie created by John Eric Dowdle and Drew Dowdle. The film was directed by John Eric Dowdle. It stars Pereditha Weeks as Scarllet, Ben Feldman as George, and Francois Civil as Papillon.

The film is set in present in Paris. It was filmed in catacombs of Paris.

The story starts in Iran, where Scarllet finds a clue to the mythical phylosopher’s stone. It leads her to catacombs of Paris. She finds a group of adventure loving people, who agree to come with her. The leader of the group – Papillon – knows the catacombs like nobody else. Scarllet also convinces her good friend Charles to come with them. From the very first moment in catacombs strange things start to happen. The halls are changing their position, sometimes they even disappear. But the group is still moving forward. The closer they get to the stone, the crazier it gets. They even find their old lost friend, but he seems different. He guides them to treasure, but it’s too late. It was a trap. On the way out most of them pay the highest price- their lives. The only two alive are George and Scarllet.

I really recommend this film. It has an amazing plot, and special effects. It received many negative reviews from critics, but I think it was amazing.


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