Food and drink – maturitní otázka



  Otázka: Food and drink

  Jazyk: Angličtina

  Přidal(a): Václav Hošek



In the Word there are many kinds of meals or eating habits.

I think that Czech food is good but unhealthy. Breakfast is the most important  meal of the day, but nevertheless a lot of people in the Czech Republic do not have breakfast. I also do not have breakfast, because I get up early and do not have much time. Typical Czech breakfast is: cup of tea or coffe, roll or bread with ham, cheese or with jam, and sometimes something sweet for example croissant. Czech breakfast is quick.

The lunch is in the Czech Republic main meal of the day. In the week most people have lunch at work or at school cantem. At the weekend we eat at the home or in restaurants. The main meal usually consists of free meals- soup, main meal and dessert. Typical czech soup is made of chicken, beef, vegetace and other. The Czech menu often offers favourite roast pork with dumplings or potato dumplings and cabbage. Other typice main meals are a fried pork or chicken schnitzel with boiler potatoes, chips or vegetable salad, or goulash with dumplings. As a dessert we eat fruit, ice-cream, pudink, cakes.

Dinner should be only a small and light, but this is not always true. Dinner can be warm or cold, if we have cold dinner we eat for example bread and rolls with ham vegetable. If we have warm dinner we eat for example egs, sausages, sauce, pasta…

And chat to drink? In the Czech Republic is this question very simple. Most Czechs drink beer. I tis a typice drink in the Czech Republic. Our beer is known arend all World beer Pilsen. Czechs are in first place in the number of burs, which we drink, each Czech drink every yeary 160 liters of beer.

If we talk about the British meals we must say that it´s very different. They have five or six meals a day: breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea and two dinners. The most typice food in England is fish and chips.

Typical for breakfast is toast bread with jam and juice. Pie is with meat and vegetables. A long tradition of drinking tea in the afternoon.

Most of people in the Czech Republic eat at home. The look thein meals themselves and only sometimes order a pizza. But when you get hungry in the Czech Republic, there are really many options to choose from. First of all, you can buy a hot dog, a kebab, a piece of pizza or a hamburger from a small shop in stress. In the Czech Republic there are well known fast food too – McDonalds, KFC and next, i tis good but i tis not healthy. There are many different restaurants. In Italian restaurants there we can eat defferent pizzas and pasta, in Chinese restaurant we can eat nobles with meat, rice, fis. Next restaurants are French, Vietnamese, Mexican and other.

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