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Otázka: Food

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Klárka



Food in Britain

Typical breakfast in Britainis ham and eggs, toast and some jam or honey, cornflakes with sugar and milk. They drink fruit juice, tea with milk or coffee.

People in Britain have small lunch, usually at restaurant. Their lunch is often sandwich or salad. Typical is fast food offering fish and chips.

On the weekend they have brunch, it’s breakfast and lunch together. It’s consisting for example ofe ggs – hard or soft boiled, scrambled or fried, fried bacon, beans, tomatoes and toasts.

In theeveningtheyhave big dinner. Itconsistsofsoup, thenmaincourse, whichisfollowed by a desert. As desert theyhavefruit, puddingoricecream.

They eat vegetables so much during day. They eat really healthy.

On Saturdays people in Britain usually have some barbecues with friends.

Sometypical food: Haggis – it’s scotish national meal, Yorkshire pudding, Shepard’s pie, Pie and mash, Rhubard crumble.


Food in Czech

In our country breakfast usually consist of tea or coffee and bread or rolls and cheese or ham. Some people prefer something sweet like cake or doughnuts. A very modern is have cereals or musli. There are many people who don’t eat anything for breakfast, because they believe it will help them stay slim.

At lunch is typical some soup,vienna steak and potatoes, or some meat with sauce and dumplings. I think that lunch is the biggest meal of a day. Many people often eat in restaurants or canteens.

For snack people have some fruit, for example apples …

We couldn’t eat so much at the evening. Good meal for dinner is some vegetable salad. Lot of people prefer hot meal for dinner. They may have pancakes, potato pancakes or pizza …

Typical food at Christmas is carp with potatoe salad and some Christmas cake.


My eatinghabits

I usually don’t have breakfast at home, I eat when I come to school. Usually I have roll or bread and salamior cheese. I don’thave lunch at school, I eat lunch when I com ehome. I have meal which my mom cooked before she go to work. If she don’tcook, I must cook lunch for me. I like chicken meat with rice or pasta with some sauce.

For dinner I like pancakes so much. But it’s unhealthy.

During day I eat some fruit, vegetable, sometimes sweeties.

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