Free time, entertainment – maturitní otázka z angličtiny


Otázka: Free time, entertainment

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): lilibuiova



Free time, entertainment (hobbies, interests – sports, cinema, music, clubbing, nature)

Sometimes, life can seem really stressful. There always seems to be something to do and you are always busy. That is why free time is so important. It is a chance to rest and relax and to do something you really enjoy.
Free time is one of the most valuable things we have. We should use it efficiently.

A good way of spending free time is spend it with loved ones. I like to spend time with girlfriend or group of friends. We often go to the cinema. We are into a commedy. We also go for a beer every friday. Then we sometimes go to a club.


I am very interested in sports. I am very active. My favourite sport is hockey, but I like also tennis and cycling. I spend much time on hockey stadium. I play hockey several times a week. When I was younger, I played hockey in Plzeň. In summer, I have a summerjob as trainer on international hockey camp in Slaný. I like to train young boys play hockey. Evere summer, I takes part amateur tennis tournament. I really enjoy playing tennis. Tennis is beautiful sport, I think, it is best outdoor sport.

I am into a music, so I like go to a live concert. I am a big fan of Green Day, I was on their concert in Prague, I was awesome. I like to spend time on a music festival, there you can meet many interesting people a make new friends. There are also many music groups a singers. I listen to all kinds of music – from jazz to rock and pop. I also play the guitar, but I play just for fun. I find it helps clear my head after a stressful day.

I mean, Everybody should goes to the nature. It is great for our health. There is fresh air and you can see a beautiful countryside. I like cycling, because you can visit many new places.

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