Travelling – maturitní otázka z angličtiny (7)

Charles Dickens


Otázka: Travelling

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): ester



Travelling is the method of how to get from one place to another place.

In the Czech Republic there are a lot of kinds of transport. For example, you can travel by bus, train, plane, car, bicycle and of food.

In our Republic people prefer traveling by car, by train or by bus.

In the summer we love cycling. When people won’t to go to abroad. They prefer traveling by plane.


Travelling by car has many advantages.
First of all you can travel wherever and whenever you want. You can use a car in case of urgency. For example, if you want to drive to the doctor you don’t have to wait for a bus. Also, you don’t have to travel when timetable says you can. You can quickly move and you can travel from door to door.

Travelling by car also has some disadvantages. Sometimes you can be stuck in a traffic jam, you have to pay for a car park and petrol. Cars are less comfortable than trains. You can’t sleep when you drive, you can’t relax. cars pollute the air more than trains. I prefer travelling by car to travelling by train or bus. I feel freer in my own car and I can move quickly from place to place.


Students and workers often travel by bus and by train:

Travelling by train has many advantages.

– first of all, we can spend time talking to other passengers on the bus

– we can relax – read and look out of the window, work, eat …

– buses stop more often than trains – you can get off at a bus stop which is closer to the place where you need to go

– you don’t have to drive

– it is cheaper than travelling by car


Travelling by bus also has some disadvantages:  

– it is often crowded

– it is sometimes delayed

– you have to get to the bus stop

– you must travel at certain times

– sometimes stopping at too many bus stops can be a disadvantage

– it’s rather uncomfortable


Travelling by train has many advantages:

First of all, you are safer than other vehicle and there are no stressful traffic jams. Next, trains are more comfortable. After that you don’t need car park, park fee and petrol. Also, you can do lots of things during in train. For example, you can just sit and read, or you can have a meal, snack in the buffer car. You can rest as well. The most important is trains less pollutant than bus.


However, travelling by train also has some disadvantages:

Firstly, it is more expensive and the trains are sometimes crowded and delayed. Secondly, not wherever and whenever you can go. For example, the trains cannot take you from door to door and places to places. You need a bus or taxi to take you to the railway station. You have to fit timetable and travel at certain times. You couldn’t quickly move to exactly places. Finally, you don’t feel free.


Travelling by boat, by ship or by a ferry: travelling on water may cause you some problems. Some people are seasick.

Travelling by air: Travelling by plane is the fastest way of transport. Some people are afraid of flying. But travelling by air is believed to be the safest way to travel.


Public transport – public transport is cheaper but also less comfortable.

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