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  Otázka: Global issues

  Jazyk: Angličtina

  Přidal(a): Zuzia



At the moment we have many burning issues in our fast world. We  can  name  for example terrorism, wars,  racism, diseases, poverty,unemployment.


First of all I would like to talk about UNEMPLOYMENT . In the Moravian – Silesian region, where I live – it i sone of the biggest problems. A lot of people leave this homes and go to Prague or some European countries to get work and earn some money. Another problem is AIR POLLUTION. It is also big problems. Pollution in the air destroys atmosphere and influences chmate.

I´d like to mention also TERRORISM. There are many groups, which are being brought up in the hatred and they are told some lies, which turn them into terrorism. We can personally experience the fear of terrorism by simply travelling by plane. All the airports in the whole world the safety regulations are much stricter nowadays then before.

The well-known and  the most disastrous of them was September11, 2001 attack  on the World Trade Center  in  New York.

Another issue I´d like to mention is getting the powers of the land where are naural recorces of energy or second most common reason is luck of tolerance towards people´s religious believes. There are the two main reasons for opening a new war.

Next issue I would like to talk about is poverty, which is the worst problem in Africa. From my point of view this is the most optymistic issue of global problems, because the Germen scientists though of a project, which schould built a new solar panel plants in Africa and that way Africa could sell the enegry and in a such way become financialy independent part of the Word. I hope it comes true.


The sixth issue in the problem of natural disasters. Hear I can name earthquakes, volcanos eruptions, fllodings, houricanes. There is very little we can do to prevent, it can happen  very quickly (flood), kill  a lot of  people  and  destroy their houses and other property.



The last issue I´d like to mentionare the world known diseases such us leprous, cancers, aids, and other sexually transmited diseases. There are many charitable organisation, which together with red cross try to prevent and help people in the whole Word from these illnesses.


I think  that  there  are many global problems  in the world   and  that  we should  solve  them  and  help  other people   when  they  need it.

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