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Otázka: Addictions

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I would like to talk about addiction. Addictions are the mass problem of the world population. You can be addicted to everything. There are lots of addictions like alcoholism, smoking, drugs, gambling, sexual addiction, work-holism, and gaming. And there are some not well-known addictions like food addiction, love addiction, shopping addiction, social media addiction, and many, many more.


When does addiction start?

Addiction starts because of trauma. Like when you are young and somebody rapes you, or somebody rapes your mum, your parents get divorced, your mum has depression… from all these problems could be an addiction when you’ll be older.


What’s happening when you are addicted?

When you’re addicted it is like a cycle of unexpected situations. You can lose your job, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, and you can lose your family.



When you’re addicted, and you want to be clean, you can go to the medical or some rehab centre. It is full of professional psychologists and psychiatrists.


Addictions of my age.

People of my age like sixteen, seventeen years old are addicted to alcohol, smoking, weed, the internet, social media, computer games, and drugs. These addictions start because they lose their boyfriend or girlfriend, their parents get divorced and staff like that.

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