Great Britain – maturitní otázka z angličtiny (2)



Otázka: Great Britain

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Faoltiarna



Constitutional monarchy (parliament and monarch). The head of the country is Queen Elizabeth II.

United kingdom flag à Union Jack.

North-west Europe, island of Great britain and northern part of the island of Ireland

4 countries – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Languages: English, Welsh, Gaelic

Population: 60,4 million

Capital: London



largest, seat of political power

the House of Parliament and Buckingham palace

Liverpool – Beatles started here

Manchester – football team

Oxford – university

Stonehenge near Salisbury



Independent country until 1707

1999 – the scottish parliament was reopened


Mountains – highest peak Ben Nevis

Gaelic is spoken here

Wales – Welsh, Cardiff, Rugby

Northern Ireland – their own government, Belfast



9th century – Anglo-Saxons, Alfred the Great captured London from Danes

11th century – Normans, William the Conqueror became king of England, great influence of French language

13th century – Magna charta,

15th century – Wars of the Roses, the Lancastrian and the Yorkists, Henry Tudor’s army defeated Richard III.

16th century –Henry VIII.  -> church of England,



Terrain is mostly hilly, the countryside is very green, many fields and pastures

North . more mountainous, Highlands in Scotland,

Rivers – Severn (the longest), the Thames

Loch Ness – largest lake by volume, famous monster

Lough Neagh – the largest lake by area



London – House of Parliament, Buckingham palace, London Eye, Tower, Tower Bridge

Oxford + Camridge – Oxbridge, universities

Strattford upon Avon – William Shakespeare was born here

Stonehenge – circle of big standing stones

Edinburgh – castle, Holyroodhouse

Cardiff – Millennium Stadium – landmark buildings, castle

Windsor – castle, official residence of the Queen, Eton College

Brighton – seaside, Royal Pavilion – Indian style

Portsmouth – Royal naval museum – number of famous old ships

Nottingham – home of Robin Hood

Bath – spa town

York – ancient city, viking town and houses, Gothic cathedral

Canterbury – medieval cathedral, The Canterbury Tales

Salisbury –medieval cathedral – houses the magna charta

Cornwall – beaustiful coastline, Tintagel Castle – birthplace of legendary King Arthur



Football, cricket, rugby, polo (for rich people), horse-racing,

Going to the pub

Fish and chips

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