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Otázka: Health

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): nikvob




Health is one of the most important things in our life. I tis said: health cant be bought for money. So we must protect our health.

Medical care is from birth to death. Soon after birth each child is vaccinated against tuberculosis, diphtheria (záškrt), tetanus, smallpox (neštovice) and polio (dětská obrna). All school children is under medical supervisit – children must constantly undergo a series of preventive medical and dental chech up.

At the age of 19 we must change doctor – from children doctor to physician (general practitioner). Now we dont have to go to the doctor so often. Most of adult try to get over cold easily by staying in bed, taking pills, keeping warm, sweating (potí se) and drinking tea. Special home reces how to scotch the cold is drinking warm milk with honey. If we still feel unwell, we finally decide to go to the psychician. I tis better to have an appointment at the doctor if we dont want to wait a long time in waiting room which may be crowded. In the consulting room we must to advandce our insurance card (kartička pojišťovny), nurse finds our medical rekord and takes our temperature.Then we are ready to enter doctors surgery. The doctor usually asks what the trouble is and must listen to our lungs (plíce) and heart and we have to také a deep breath. We also must open our mouth and he controls our tonsils (mandle). Sometimes he checks blood pressure. Finally the doctor diagnoses our illnes and prescribes a medicine. We often suffer (trpíme) from a common infection like flu, tonsilitis (angína) or bronchitis.

The situation may sometimes be more serious and needs special treatment (léčba) in hospital – for example in case of heart attack, breaking an ar mor leg, an animal bite, big bleeding, poisoning or in case of some really dangerous diates such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, leukemia, diabetes and so on. We can call the ambulance,which take us to the hospital very fast and give us the first aid in ambulance car. Serious cases are immediately operated in the operating room and after operation must lay in hospital. Also is patient sent to health resort or spa for rehabilitation.


Spas in the CR

The most attractive and popular spas are located in the west of the country –  Karlovy Vary, Františkovy Lázně, Mariánské Lázně.

Karlovy Vary – the most famous of them was set up by Charles IV and patiens from all over the Word have been coming there, especially with stomach and liver problems.

Mariánské lázně – the most beautiful spa town because of park and flowers. The town is popular for patient suffering kidney, asthma and nervous problem.

Františkovy lázně is located in the middle of woods and is a famous spa for patiens with women and heart diseases. There is a famous statue of little boy called František and this is the symbol of the spa town.


Healthy life style

Better that being ill and having problems with our health is beeing in good condition. Keeping our body fit, never getting angry, doing something in the fresh air, doing sports at least once a week and walking. We should eat healthy food like lean meat, fruit, vegetables. We should cut down on sweets, fatty meat and food rich in calories and drink mineral water and herbal tea. We shouldnt smoke and drink too much alkohol. There are numerus wals to keep fit. Everyone will find that they need something special.


Most frequent diseases

Infectious diseases: smallpox, jaundice (žloutenka), rabies (vzteklina)

Childrens diseases: measles (spalničky), rubbela (zarděnky), scarlet fever (spála), polio (dětská obrna)

Heart dideases: heart failure (selhání srdce), heart attack (infarkt)

Nervous diseases: bad headaches (migréna), depression (deprese), brain stroke (mozková mrtvice)

Incurable diseases (nevyléčitelné nemoci): cancer, diabetes, AIDS

Inflammations nad fevers (Záněty a zápaly): pneumonia (zápal plic), apendicitis (zánět slepého střeva), middle ear infections

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