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Otázka: History of US

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Before the civilisation

  • America was first populated by Native Americans (people migrating from Asia)
  • They had been living there for about 50 000 years before Christopher Columbus came
  • The first explorers were Vikings
  • The first European to arrive was Christopher Columbus in 1492 and though he had landed in India
  • Southwest of the country was colonized by Spain and France
  • Most of the early colonizers were running from religious persecutions back home


American revolution

  • 1775-1783, it was a conflict between the 13 colonies and Great Britain
  • The first trouble started by taxation of sugar exported from GB in 1764 and later the infamous Stamp Act in 1765
  • In 1776 the Boston massacre happened and from there it escalated into armed conflict and later on, rebellion
  • George Washington was chosen as the general and with the help of France and Spain was able to win the war
  • Constitution was signed in 1787 and in 1789 George Washington became the first president of USA


Industrial revolution

  • Late 18th and early 19th century
  • It had a direct impact on the agriculture and from mid-18th to mid-19th century the production increased significantly
  • Many people could leave for the cities since they weren´t needed in the field
  • Most popular invention from this time is the steam engine that powered pretty much anything at the time
  • Railways, roads and canals were built and allowed easier movement of goods through the mostly (at the time) uninhabited land
  • Americans invented the cotton gin (textile), interchangeable parts (machinery) and milling machine (woodwork)
  • Mechanization of the shoe industry, watch industry and firearms industry


Civil war

  • 1861-1865, tension between South and North grew due to the rights to own slaves
  • South was heavily relaying on slave labour to produce cotton and tabaco, while the North was more industrialised and had no need for slaves
  • South became Confederate states of America in 1860 and declared independence and the North formed the Union
  • In 1863 the Emancipation proclamation was signed making slavery illegal
  • The war was won by the Union but in at the end Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and the South was harshly punished for the war


Spanish-American War

  • Was fought in 1898
  • Due to Yellow journalism (exaggeration of information) the American people thought their ship got attacked near Cuba
  • Government wanted to make Cuba their puppet and so they supported the revolution that was taking place there
  • The war was over in just 6 months and most USA soldiers died from diseases
  • The whole thing was led by Theodore Roosevelt
  • The USA also won Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico from the Span
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