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Otázka: Great Britain

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Bboozzeennaa



Area: 244 000 SQ Km



–          57 milion people

–          density 235 person/SQ Km

–          2% imigrants from Asia

–          90% of inhabitans live in towns

–          London:  – City of London 5,5 milion people

– Greater London 10 milion people



–          57% Anglican church

–          13% Roman catholic church

–          10% Islanic¨


System of Government:

–          parliament is devided ino two houses: House of Lords and House of Commons

–          England is a Monarchy – official head is queen or king



–          official language is English language

–          in Wales people speek Welsh

–          in Scotland they speek Gaelic languages

–          in Ireland they speek Irish galic language

–          Isle of Man people speek Manx (old celthic language)


Land Surface:

–          Islands: Wight, Man, Hebrides, Orkneys, Shetlands, Channel Islands

–          Peninsulas: Cornwac peninsula

–          Mountains: Grampian mountains – highest mountain Ben Nevis (1343 m.), Pennine Range, Cambrian Mts., Caledonian Mts.

–          Rivers: The Thames, Severn, Trent, Tweed, Dee, Avon

–          Lakes: England – Coniston, Ulls Water, Windermare

Scotland – Loch Ness, Lock Lomond


Climate:  – climate is oceanic influented by Golf Stream



–          Energy: 75% thermal power stations

26% nuclear power stations

–          Metalurgy: irone and steel (center of metalurgy is in Highlands)

–          Engeneering: –   transport equipments

–   cars: Vauxhall – Rolls Royce

–   shipbuilding: Glasgow, Portsmouth, Liverpool

–   aircraft: Isle of Wight, Luton

–    Chemicals: –   processing of oil (North Sea)

–   raffineries: Kingston, Fawley, Milford Haven

–   cosmetics and pharmacy – London, Midlands

–   destileries – Scotland – Glenfiddich

England – Berweries – London, Birmingham, Edinbourg



–          9% forest

–          75% arriable land

–          animal production: cattle, sheep, pigs, polutry

–          crops: wheat, barley, shugar beat, potatoes


Interesting Places in United Kingdom


Tower of London: castle with crown jewels

St. Pauls Cathedral – second biggest cathedral in the world and center of Anglican church

Tower Bridge – built in 1883, last bridge on Thames

London Bridge – oldest bridge in London

Monument – on the memory on the big fire in London

Westminster Abbey – all kings and queen of Britain were crowned there

–  many famous people and kings asr burried there

Houses of Parliamen: – two towers (Big Ben and Victoria Tower) and one hall

Buckingham Palace – seat of royal family from year 1840

Trafalgar Square – statue of Horatio Nelson and National Galery

Picadelly circus and laicester Square – two interesting places

China Town – very interesting are gates of China town


Museums :  Madam Tussaud, British museum, National galery, Museum of London, National historical museum


Castles and churches:  England:  Winsdor church, Hampton court,

Scotland:  Stirling, Edinbourg

-95% of all churches are catholic churches


Monuments: Stonehenge, Stirling bridge

Loch Ness – one big atraction


Interesting places:

–          Oxford, Cambridge and St. Andrews – university towns

–          York, Bath, Banockburn, Falkirk

–          Cantenbury – cathedral, museum, Marlowe theatre

–          Dover – White clifs, Dover castle – Key To England

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