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Otázka: Hawaii

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Mischelina



Hawaii Worksheet

1)What do these expressions mean? Define them in English.

  • Hula – hawaiian dance
  • Lei – flower necklace ( wreath)
  • Luau – hawaiian party
  • Poi – food made from corm of taro
  • Taro – is a plant, hawaiian uses their corms to eat them
  • Haole (Howli) – it’s a word in hawaiin language for foreign


2) Answer the questions.

Who „discovered“ the Hawaiian Islands? And when?

  • James Cook, in 18 th century


Where can you learn to surf?

  • on Waikiki beach


How many same sex couples come to Hawaii to get married? Why?

  • 30 % who get marry there, are gay. beacuase hawai is liberal(one of the most liberal states of U.S.A)


On which Hawaiian island is it illegal to hitchhike?

  • Maui


3) Find the basic information about Hawaii. (Wikipedia)

Where does this state lie?

  • in the Pacific (ocean)

What is the climate like?

  • warm, tropical

How many people live there?

  • about 1.(point)300 000

What is the capital of Hawaii?

  • Honolulu

What are the official languages?

  • English, Hawaiian

When did Hawaii form the new U.S. state? 

  • 1959

How many main islands form Hawaiian Islands?

  • 8

Next information:

  • What attracts tourists are not only beaches and surfing but also volcanoes.
  • In 1941 Pearl Harbor (naval base)  was attacked by the Empire of Japan.
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