Hawaii – maturitní podklady


Otázka: Hawaii

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Mischelina







Hawaii Worksheet – DVD


1)What do these expressions mean? Define them in English.


Hula – hawaiian dance


Lei – flower necklace ( wreath)


Luau – hawaiian party


Poi – food made from corm of taro


Taro – is a plant, hawaiian uses their corms to eat them


Haole (Howli) – it’s a word in hawaiin language for foreign



2) Answer the questions.


Who „discovered“ the Hawaiian Islands? And when?

James Cook, in 18 th century


Where can you learn to surf?

on Waikiki beach


How many same sex couples come to Hawaii to get married? Why?

30 % who get marry there, are gay. beacuase hawai is liberal(one of the most liberal states of U.S.A)


On which Hawaiian island is it illegal to hitchhike? Maui



3) Find the basic information about Hawaii. (Wikipedia)


Where does this state lie? in the Pacific (ocean)


What is the climate like? warm, tropical


How many people live there? about 1.(point)300 000


What is the capital of Hawaii? Honolulu


What are the official languages?English, Hawaiian


When did Hawaii form the new U.S. state?  1959


How many main islands form Hawaiian Islands? 8


What attracts tourists are not only beaches and surfing but also vo l c a n o es.


In 1941 Pearl Harbor (naval base)  was attacked by the Empire of Japan.


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