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Now I am going to talk about the United States of America. I would like to start with short introduction. The United States is the world’s fourth largest nation by total area after Russia, Canada and China. The USA covers an area of about 9, 5 million square kilometres. We can say that the USA is nearly as large as the whole Europe. The northern neighbour of US is Canada and to the south of the USA is Mexico. The west coast borders the Pacific Ocean and the east coast borders the Atlantic Ocean.


The USA population is about 25O million people – 79 per cent of them are white, 12 per cent black and the rest are Asians, Pacific islanders, Indians and Eskimos. Nearly 80 per cent of all inhabitants live in urban areas – cities or their surrounding areas.


First people living in America were Indians. America was discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus. But Columbus didn’t know that he discovered a new continent, he thought he was in India. Because of it he called the native people “Indians”. This Native American population was greatly reduced by disease and warfare after European contact. Nowadays is The Southwest where we can find Native tribes such as the Hopi and Navajo, who still rely on sheep raising and weaving as one source of income.


The official language of USA is American English.  British English is different from American English in a pronunciation, spelling or vocabulary. For example in USA is underground called subway and in GB tube. Moreover in different places of USA people speak different English. For example the English spoken in The South is like no other. It is characterized by very slow, imprecise speech, known as a drawl. The United States is home to people of different national origins. As a result in USA you can find a great number of languages. Ethnic minorities speak dialects or their native languages such as Spanish which is the second most common language and the most widely taught second language.


United States of America is popular among tourists mainly due to national parks with beautiful and preserved nature. One of the most beautiful and well known National Parks is Yellowstone NP, which stretches across parts of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Yellowstone was established in 1872 so it is the oldest National park in the USA. It is very popular due to its many geothermal features. There are about 3 000 geysers and hot springs. Grizzly, moose, elk, bald eagle, bighorn sheep, coyote, buffalo and mountain lion live in this wilderness without fear of the hunter’s rifle

Another world famous National Park is the Everglades which is the third-largest national park in the U.S.  It is home to 36 threatened or protected species including the Florida panther, the American crocodile, and the West Indian manatee. You might spot also pelicans, flamingos, saltwater fish and other exotic species.


Sport is an important part of the culture of the United States.  Many Americans are involved in sports – either as a participant or as a spectator.   It is great entertainment for sports fans to watch their teams and athletes competing in professional sports. The four most popular team sports are ones that developed in North America: American football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey.

Sports are particularly associated with education in the United States, with most high schools and universities having organized sports. College sports competitions play an important role in the American sporting culture. In many cases college athletics are more popular than professional sports.

Favourite recreational activities include hiking, walking, boating, hunting, and fishing.  In the western states rodeos are also very popular sports events.


The music of the United States is influenced by multi-ethnic population. Because of it you can hear there a diverse array of styles. Among the country’s most internationally-renowned genres are hip hop, blues, country, RnB, jazz, , pop, techno, or rock and roll.

The United States has the world’s largest music industry and its music is heard around the world. American popular music had a profound effect on music across the world. Today almost every teenager knows Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson or Eminem.

My favourite American rock band is Thirty second to Mars. Their music has been associated mostly with progressive rock, progressive metal and grunge. Singer Jared Leto, who is also an actor, is absolutely brilliant.


America, being one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, has a lot of different influences from around the world. As you would expect, then, their food choices are extremely varied! You’re sure to find Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Mexican restaurants just about everywhere in the U.S.

I suppose that you could say they have their own different regional styles of cooking. For example, southern food is very different from Midwestern food.

To sum up, as you can see to Americans eat not only hamburgers. Yes, hamburgers are a staple of the American way of life but it makes up a minority of the food they eat every day.


I have never been in the USA, but I have heard that U.S. people are more broad minded and generally welcoming and friendly. Americans are much more tolerant of people that come from other countries than the people of most countries. But on the other hand many of the Americans ignorant about their own country and the world around them. This is evidenced by some videos on the internet. Most of women living in cities place a high value on their looks – they even wear makeup camping.


There are so many problems in USA. I can’t understand why Americans always put their nose in other country problems, because they have their own. Many people live there and many of them are uneducated, poor or sick. There are also many illegal immigrants living in very poor conditions. However the biggest problem is indigent health care expenses in my opinion. They now have so many illegal immigrants living in the US who do not have any type of health insurance. Moreover add this to the number of Americans who cannot afford insurance and the problem is enormous. Insurance has become an evil necessity that hardly anyone can afford.


The United States of America is a country with many people. As you would expect they have many diverse symbols. I can’t mention all of them; however I would like to mention the most popular.

One of the most popular symbols is the White House located in Washington DC. The White House has been the official residence of all the presidents of the United States with the exception of George Washington.

Another very famous symbol is the Statue of Liberty in New York, which symbolizes freedom through the world. The statue depicts a woman escaping the chains of tyranny, which lie at her feet. Her right hand holds aloft a burning torch that represents liberty. Her left hand holds a tablet.  The Statue was actually a gift from the people of France.

My favourite symbol is Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam, a figure symbolizing the United States, is portrayed as a tall, white-haired man with a goatee. He is often dressed in red, white, and blue, and wears a top hat. The most famous picture of Uncle Sam appeared on an Army recruiting poster. The poster was designed in World War I, and was used again in World War II.

Other well-known symbols are for example Independence Hall, Liberty bell or U.S capitol.


The United States is known as an innovative, entrepreneurial society that has produced a number of world-changing inventions. The inventions include both medical and technological breakthroughs. I can’t mention all of them; however I would like to mention at least some of them.

American medicine has shown groundbreaking progress in a variety of areas. American scientists were the first to map the human genome. They have also made breakthroughs in such diverse diseases as AIDS and cancer.
The U.S. has been a leader in the communication industry. Alexander Graham Bell revolutionized that industry with his invention of the telephone back in 1876. However, the Internet is one of the greatest communication leaps of all.
The personal computer is perhaps the most successful democratization of technology in history. In 1981, IBM sold the first personal computer that could be purchased by retail customers for daily use. Nowadays we can imagine being without computers.


The United States of America is an ethnically and racially diverse country. As a reset US culture is influenced by all immigrants.

The USA is a world´s superpower. So let me tell you about its economic situation.

The main parts of industry are manufacturing, steel, automobiles, machinery, clothing and electronics. The main agricultural products are corn, fruits, cotton and tobacco. The USA is also rich in coal, gold and copper. The result is the largest national economy in the world.

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