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Hobbies and spending free time

Hobbies are activities, which we do in our free time. There are so many types of hobbies, but

some hobbies are paid, some are dangerous or romantic, some are very time-consuming.

Typical men’s hobbies are sport, watching football, ice hockey, tuning motorbikes or cars, playing games on computers, beekeeping, hunting.

Typical women’s hobbies: knitting, needlework, pickling and going to galleries, theatres, cooking.

But there are many hobbies, which men and women do together like dancing, mushrooming, canoeing, running, walking, swimming, cycling.


The most common hobbies in our country are these:

Collecting hobbies

We can collect a lot of kinds of thing – usually people collect the stamps, postcards or badges, some people collect unusual things as old cars, plain models, old motorbikes or other interesting things, which could be very expensive.


Art hobbies

People can going to the theatre, concert, opera. They can do singing, dancing or they can play on some instrument for example the guitar, (which is the most popular instrument) the flute, the piano, the harp, the harmonica. But it isn´t all. They can do painting, writing, sculpting, poetry, photography or everything.


Family hobbies

Are for example travelling, canoeing, mushrooming. Many families have their cottages and people spend lots of time there. They can do repairing to their gardens – there grow fresh and healthy fruit and vegetables, nice flowers – cutting grass and repairing the old house.

The other rather popular hobby is watching TV or a video, playing on a computer or playing the board games or collecting puzzles. Many people in our country like to spend their leisure time reading books, magazines and newspapers. Some people prefer listening music. And when we think about hobbies so we find out that going out can be very expensive now, because many hobbies are paid or the monuments, which we want to see have paid entry for someone it´s a lot of many.


Sports, games

Everybody do some sport activity, because it’s healthy. Sports keep us fit and keep our condition well. Many students are members of a sports club like athletics, basketball, volleyball, swimming, football.


The most common hobbies in our abroad are these:

In Latin America is very popular to do dancing. In Spain is very famous bullfighting. In Norway they love fishing. In Australia or in Florida, which is in America, they do surfing.

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