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Otázka: Holidays in the world

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): ilons



Each country has their own special days which they celebrate.

Some  countries have the same  holiday but  the celebration has a different  form. I think  Christmas is the most  important holiday an almost globally celebrated around  the world.Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. A symbol of  Christmas is the Christmas tree, which  is decorated with lights  chains and decorations.People decorate  their  homes and around their houses.


The Christmas symbol in the Czech Republic is Christmas sweets that people  make at  home alone. The celebration culminates   with Christmas  dinner , then  singing  carols  and  unwrapping   presents. Most religious people visit church   for midnight mass.  Christmas dinner  consists of fish soup, fried carp and potato salad.Christmas holidays are three days.  Most people spend  Christmas Day with their own family without grandparents ,uncles, aunts and cousins. On other days, they visit other family members


The Christmas symbol in the USA is Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, light chains and decorations  Christmas holidays are three days. Christmas  culminates  with unwrapping  presents on the twenty-fifth  of December in the morning then lunch. In a large area of in the USA, Christmas is an opportunity  to meet with  the entire family. Families must travel a long distance  for Christmas to celebrate  in a big family circle. A festive dinner is consists  of  roast turkey with stuffing, corn ,pumpkins,beans and  potatoes.

Great Britain celebrates as in the USA, but the  symbol of Christmas is Father Christmas.


Another holiday which is celebrated  all around the world is  Easter. Easter was originally a  celebration of spring and fertility. Christians are reminded of the resurrection  of Jesus Christ. The date of Easter is different every year. Holidays  are celebrated on the first Sunday after the spring full moon . The symbol  of Easter is an egg  that symbolizes  beginning of life. The egg  are colored  and decorated with Easters motifs. Lamb is a  Jewish tradition which symbolizes God´s flock  that lead the Lord.  Easter cakes  are baked and shaped   of in the form of  a lamb.


In the Czech Republic, the holidays culminated on Monday, when men and boys walk around the neighborhood and beat women and girls with Easter Caroling wicker and say Easter carols . As a reward, the receive painted eggs and  a colored ribbon  . Ribbons have a different color, each color represents something different.

Red – love and affection

Blue – hope for something more

Yellow – rejection

Green – sympathy and popularity .


Girls and women can pour water or perfume on the men and boys after lunch. Traditional lunch is chicken with stuffing. The presented eggs are made  from egg spread  .


Celebrations in the UK are different. The symbol is  an egg too. The whole family meets and divides the chocolate egg with each other. Everyone has a taste  of chocolate , tradition means  a community of family and close  family ties . The holiday  culminates on Sunday. Adults hide eggs in the house and in the garden and children look for eggs on Sunday morning. Kids think that eggs are hidden by the Easter Bunny .Traditional food is lamb.


Easter in the USA is the same as in the UK . The difference is the meal when  baked ham , potatoes and vegetables are servered.


Halloween X Souls

The same holiday which  is celebrated around the world is a Christian holiday when we remember the dead. They have a name for Halloween or All Souls‘ Day

In the Czech Republic and England, the holiday is celebrated as well. Families visit cemeteries where they lay candles and flowers. The holiday is celebrated on the first of November.

The USA celebrates on October 31. Children dress up in scary costumes and go around the neighborhood. Kids say „ trick or treat“and   receive candy as a reward. The traditional symbol of the holiday is the  pumpkin, which a candle in inserted into .


Valentine’s Day

Another holiday which has spread to more countries is Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on February 14 . The holiday  is celebrated in English-speaking countries. The Czech Republic doesn´t have   a long tradition , it is celebrated by the  younger generation. Previously amorousness was celebrated in May. The patron of the holiday is the  priest Valentine, who amorousness   indulged secretly.  They give presents for example a red heart or valentine wishes.


In USA there are other public holidays

Thanksgiving is a North American holiday. It is celebrated in  the period of the harvest festival . The holiday celebrates a big  harvest . It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November . The whole family meets and celebrates together .The traditional food is a good roasted turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce. The second day is Black Friday. On Black Fridays are a big discounts in the stores.


Independence Day It is the biggest national holiday . The holiday  is celebrated on the fourth of  July . The holiday symbolizes the adoption of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. People organize picnics , parades, the at American flag hangs at every house and there are a lot of fireworks in the evening.


Martin Luther King Day. It is celebrated on the third Monday in January. Martin Luther King pushed  for racial equality in America. Americans do volunteer work and the day is known as a date of service to others.


Memorial Day  It is celebrated on the last Monday in May. Americans remember victims who died in the war.


Other holidays in the UK

There are more public holidays in Great Britain. Some holidays are celebrated in Northern Ireland , which belongs to Great Britain. Holidays are called bank holidays . St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in Ireland on  the 17th of March. St. Patrick spread education and helped establish the Christian faith . The symbols of the celebration are the color green and shamrock, which represents the Holy Trinity. Irish people celebrate  with music , parades and the color green  is everywhere.


Czech Republic

The holidays are a reminder of important days in our history. The holidays previously  celebrated parades and  posting flags. Nowadays, the holidays are used as free days  or to hold demonstrations  where people want to highlight on the problems.


Holiday work  –  first May

Day when the 2nd World War was ended – 8th  May

Day when Prince Wenceslas was murdered 28th September

Day when the Czechoslovak state was formed  28th October

Day when Freedom and Democracy were fought for 17th November

The holidays which are  Christian. The Christians  go to mass.

Remembrance of the  coming  of Christianity in Great Moravia, Cyril and Methodius 5th July

Remembrance day when champion Jana Huse was burned 6th July

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