Public Holidays – maturitní otázka z angličtiny



Otázka: Public Holidays

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): kelajz




Holidays are the days when most people have time off from their work so they can go relax on their cabin and into the countryside. Children and adolescents have holidays and they don’t have to go to school. A lot of stores have closed completely or have limited opening hours.


In Czech Republic is first public holiday on 1st January and I think it is the most important day for our state. It is Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State (1993 – establishment of the independent Czech Republic). The next one is on 8th May and it is the Victory Day (1945 – the end of the Second World War in Europe) in the 2004 Liberation Day, in 2000 Day of Liberation from Fascism. After 5th July – Day of Saints Cyril and Methodius (863 – the arrival of Christianity and education to Great Moravia). Next one is on 6th July and it is called the Day of Jan Hus (1415). On 28th September is the Day of Czech Statehood (the assassination of Prince Wenceslas). In my opinion one of the most important day is on 28th October and it is called Czechoslovak Independence Day because in 1918 was created Czechoslovakia and the last one is on 17th November – Struggle for Freedom and Democracy (1939 – closing of Czech universities by the Nazis, 1989 – student protests that have triggered Velvet Revolution).


When you visit England and Wales must know that the first January is celebrated on New Year’s Day. 18th April is Good Friday holiday. 21st April is Easter Monday. 5th May the Early May Bank Holiday and another is on the 26th April – May Spring Bank Holiday. 25th August Englishmen and people of Wales celebrates Summer Bank Holiday, 25th December is Christmas Day, and the last shall be 26 December – Boxing Day. In USA 1st January is New Year. 20th January is celebrated Martin Luther King Day. After the 17th February is Presidents Day. 26th May is Memorial Day. Next is the Independence Day and it is on 4th July. First September Americans celebrate Labor Day and 13 October Monday is Columbus Day. 11th November is Veterans Day. Another holiday is the 27th November and is called Thanksgiving and 25 December, Americans can look forward to Christmas Day. If we travel to Australia we can celebrate these public holidays: New Years Eve (1st January). Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Monday, ANZAC Day (25th April) it is commemorate the heroism and sacrifice of members of both armies, the Queen’s Day is celebrating outside Western Australia and it is 9th June, next is the Christmas Day on 25th December, 26th December is the Boxing Day which is celebrating outside South Australia and the same day is Proclamation Day. People celebrates many more days. For example the Halloween. It is an autumn festival. It is celebrated on the night before All Saints Day (the night of October 31). People often have parties on the day. Next one is St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) or Valentines Day on 14th February. My favorite holiday is Christmas because all lit Christmas lights, sing traditional songs and handing out gifts. The last few years of my Christmas was neither merry, but in general I like the most this holiday. Valentine’s Day I also like. In our country, people take holidays as an obligation. Thanks to the magic of the holidays wears off. At Christmas, people frantically buy everything that is on sale and not the movement. Christmas is a day of peace and quiet, but people have long forgotten or deliberately ignored it. Next important public holiday is Easter. It is the most important Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. To do this, according to the Christian faith was the third day after his crucifixion. People celebrate this holiday by dyeing eggs with different colors. Carolers, who are mostly children, walks the built and get dyed eggs. Nowadays, people donate more sweets, chocolates or money.


Human experiences a lot of important days in his life, or the lives of their loved ones. It’s as weddings, births, birthdays and the like. My best day was when they were born my two cats. No wedding or birth of a child I experienced, other milestones in life and were unlucky not need to talk about them. I don’t celebrate my birthday like during my childhood. I’m 21 years old and I think I have no reason to celebrate every next year because I want to stop my growing in 21st year old. Now I am adult in CZ and in USA too. So no more birthday balloons or birthday party. I celebrate this day with my loved ones in restaurant or some quiet bar.


Not planning a wedding and do not know whether I want to get married. I think it’s unnecessary. I would have stayed at the betrothal … It seems romantic. People have different weddings. Some insist on a spectacular wedding in a church, and someone is satisfied with the wedding at City Hall. Anyway, after every wedding followed by a wedding reception, where fairy tales by all drink, eat and rejoice for several days and nights … 🙂

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