Holidays – maturitní otázka z angličtiny (2)



  Otázka: Holidays

  Jazyk: Angličtina

  Přidal(a): Alice



Czech Republic


Easter is a movable holidays. In the Czech Republic boys  go from house to house and whip girls using rattles. When whipping they have to recite a poem. There are many variations of this tradition. Houses are decorated with catkins and young springs as a symbol of new life. People eat sponge cakes in the form of lamb.



Czech Christmas is about the same as English. We decorate the house with advent wreaths, candles and Christmas tree with chains, balls, chocolates, stars, angels and other ornaments. Our dinner is a carp with potato salad and we get presents on Christmas Eve. After the dinner Baby Jesus rings . On the following two days people visit their relatives and relax and eat. Children believe that it is Baby Jesus who brings the presents. Traditions: fasting to see the golden pig, going to a midnight mass or another tradition.


Great Britain/ USA


Trooping the Coulour

Is Queen´s official birthday celebrated on 6th June. It takes place at Whitehall with Horse Guards Parade.

Remembrance Day

Is celebrated on 11th November .


On the 1st Sunday after 1st full moon in spring . 40 days before Easter when Christians start their Lent (půst).. Children believe that while sleeping the Easter Bunny has hidden eggs in the house and go searching for them. This is called egg hunt.


Starts on 24th December – on Christmas Eve when Families decorate their houses with red berries and of course the Christmas tree. On the mantelpiece are Christmas cards. Children hope that at night Santa Claus will come down the chimney and bring some presents. On Christmas day they have  Christmas dinner usually at noon or in the evening. They have roast turkey, potatoes and Christmas pudding. Boxing day is the 26th of December.



Martin Luther King Day

Is celebrated on the third Monday in January . He was assassinated in 1968 (zavražděn)

President´s Day

Is the official birthday of all American presidents since the first one – George Washington.

Independence Day

Commemorates victory over the British in the American Civil War and the signing of „Declaration of Independence“ in 1776. Its celebrated on 4th July.

Columbus Day

On second Monday in October. Columbus discovered the USA in 1492.


Family holidays

I have to help a lot at home, I do the cleaning for days before Christmas and help to bake sweets, decorate our house and Christmas tree with chains, balls, chocolates, stars, angels and other ornaments. On Christmas Eve we usually eat fish soup for lunch and for dinner we have carp and potato salad.After dinner we cut apples. Then we open the presents, listen to carols.


Local customs/traditions

Saint Patrick´s Day

Is celebrated on 17th March. It´s a typical IRISH holiday. People are dressed in green and there is a music, dancing and drinking everywhere. The symbol of the day is the Irish national flower, green shamrock.

St Valentine´s Day

On 14th February. It is a lover´s  day.


31st October. In the evening children light up pumpkins. They dress up as devils, witches or ghosts.

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