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• Czech Republic :
• Block of flats – usually there are more block of flats in one area, so it forms housing estate, those areas were build during the communist era as a cheap flats for a lot of people, near to the city, usually are surrounded by playgrounds for children, parking places, near to kindergartens and schools
• Apartment houses – there are also flats, but just few flats, they usually share one small garden, located in the city, also build in the last century
• Terraced houses – 2 houses are connected by wall, but houses are separated, usually there is nothing common, there are fences separating gardens, there is small garden, garage
• Houses – situated on the suburbs or in the countryside, big garden with a lot of trees, flowers, there could be a swimming pool, patches and some attractions for children
• Cottages – most of people don’t live there, but they spend there their holidays or weekends, they want to relax from the cities


• United Kingdom:

• Terraced houses
• Semi-detached houses – 2 houses are connected, share one hall, next rooms are separated, usually made of bricks
• Family houses (detached)
• Bungalow – usually houses with just one floor and attic, sometimes eco-houses, there is a garden, swimming pool and garage
• Tower houses – there are flats, usually a lot of floors, in the centre of the city


• USA:

• Duplex (semi-detached house)
• Detached houses
• Skyscraper


Typical British House:

Most of the people own their house and they are proud on it. Most of the houses are made of bricks of stone, it depends on location. Almost everywhere we can see typical white windows and doors. If you want to get to the doors, you have go up by the stairs with the railing There are 2 gardens – front garden and back garden, where people want not to be disturbed.
Houses have usually central heating; open fire is also very famous, but mostly like decoration of typical, cosy interior. They use on their walls interesting wallpapers, they don’t like painted walls. Generally, their houses and rooms are very small, with a lot of equipment and furniture. They prefer wooden furniture from dark wood and coves with the same design as the wallpapers. They love decorations and paints.
The kitchen is usually connected with the dining room. Living room is separated, they don’t eat there, and they just take here a cup of tea. There are bedrooms, 1 or 2 bathrooms and separate toilets. They usually have a spare room for guests.


Place where I live:

I live in a house together with my mother, her boyfriend and our two cats. We live in a suburb, surrounded by other houses; mainly build in last 10 years. Our house is built in a Nordic style, is coloured in a very light tone of purple colour and the doors and windows are in dark brown, there is also one balcony in my room and a winter garden, where we keep the flowers during the winter. There is a big garden with lagoon, there is also a place for barbecues and a small swimming pool.
Something about interior. There are two flats, the first flat is in the ground floor, but it is small, there is just one big room connected with the kitchen and a bathroom with shower and WC. The doors are opened into the garden, if you want to get out; you have to go up by stairs. We use it for guests of for parties.
The second flat is big and we live there. Is draped between 1st and 2nd floor. When you go through the entrance door, you are in a vestibule, where you can take off your clothes and shoes. After, you are in a corridor, on you right side, there is a bathroom and a toilet. On your left side, there are doors to the kitchen and living room. Kitchen, dining room and living room occupies whole 1st floor, it is just one very big room.
In the kitchen we have build-in appliances like a dish washer, an oven, a cooker, a microwave and so on. Next to kitchen, there is a big fridge with an ice-cream and ice cube maker. In a dining part, there is one big table with 6 chairs. In the living part, there are 2 seats and one couch with a coffee table, flat TV and media players. There are a lot of ship models and paints. The last thing there is a fireplace, which makes a beautiful atmosphere.
In the 2nd floor, there are 3 bedrooms – one for my parents, one for me and one for potential guest. There is also a bathroom and a toilet. Furniture in rooms is wooden.


Household chores and typical breakdowns:

• Chores – cleaning the windows, vacuuming, mopping, dish washing, washing, cooking, baking
• Breakdowns – broken washing machine, broken dish washer


Mortgages, problems:

• The majority of people can’t buy their flat or house, so they have to pay a mortgages every month, usually for more than 20 years
• Usually most of people have some problems with their neighbours, they are arguing about parking places, about noise from parties or about their pets, there could be also generation problems


My ideal flat:

• In the future I prefer live in a flat to live in a house. Flat should be situated in a new, modern house. In a calm part of the city. I want to furnish it simple, in black and white colour. I want to have a kitchen connected with the living room and also there should be bedrooms, balcony, changing room and an office for me.


Living in a house vs. Living in a flat:

• When you live in a flat, is better to keep it clean. But if you need garden and some flowers, it could be a problem. For those cases is better to live in a house, but take care of garden takes a lot of time.
Living in a town vs. Living in a village
• Living in a town has a lot of advantages. You spend less time by commuting, shops and restaurants are very close to you. Life there is very dynamic. There are a lot of cultural attractions. But problem is pollution, so when people have small child, they sometimes move to the village, where the air conditions are much better. But you are a little bit isolated; your life depends on transport.

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